Thursday, February 7, 2008

Things About Florida - part deux

My first post in this series: Things About Florida are the things I love about living in South Florida (the tropics) and it's also my way of convincing my friends to move here.
More Florida love...

Snorkeling or diving year round. Coral reefs everywhere.

The beach.

Offroading with us in State Parks (totally allowed). Look how macho that can make you feel!

More chanting...





Anonymous said...

I am most envious as I watch outside my window the wind whirl and the enormous amount of snow we still have! Oh, sunny Florida sounds nice to me!!

Carrie ~ Gigi said...

This reminds me of my boys growing up. They had four wheelers, dirt bikes, and when they were a "bit" older were able to do mud wheeling...just like in the sand, but through the mud on trials along the East Coast mountain sides. Warning---it never leaves them:)

Anonymous said...

I'd move to FL if dh's bro's family didn't live there...haha! Oh, I'm bad. There are lots to love about being in FL.

nancy said...

Alas!!!!! That's what i feel what a venue to be calm,enjoy,Rocking SF.....
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