Friday, June 14, 2013

25% Off EVERYTHING Sale Through Sunday!

If you subscribe to our newsletter, you may already know this: we're having a surprise sale at the site. From now until Sunday, June 16 you can get 25% off EVERYTHING we make and sell on the site.

That's 25% off our all natural handmade soaps, our Pop handmade soaps (like Sexy Laundry Day), our Crush On You handmade sugar scrubs, our sea salt soaps, and the recently added line of hand-blended perfume. Sorry, but soap decks, natural sea sponges and Crush of the Month subscriptions are excluded from the sale.

But here's the thing: 25% off is pretty much unheard of. So if you want to set the tone for summer with some great soaps and scrubs, hit the site now and use coupon code SummerLoving to get your discount.

Oh - one last thing: we don't normally post our sales outside of the newsletter or Facebook, so if you want in on more deals like this, don't forget to subscribe to the newsletter (from the bottom of our homepage) and follow us on Facebook! And hey, the newsletter can be a fun read: see for yourself!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Perfumes Are Back

Absolute Soap Hand-Blended Perfumes
Those of you that have been fans of ours for a while may have noticed that when we launched the new Absolute Soap website this year, our hand-blended perfumes were missing.

That ends now.

Perfumes are back, and five are available immediately: Mazu, Iniquity, Lair, Lounge and Ruby Rock Star. They're all exclusive to us, and are sold in cute 1/8-ounce roll-on bottles. Just $10 a pop!

Hit the perfume section on Absolute Soap and enjoy.