Wednesday, March 27, 2013

We Are LIVE...and We Support Human Rights

Product Body is now officially Absolute Soap!  We worked long and hard to bring you our new soap formulation, new All Natural Soaps, newly designed Pop Soaps and new website (thanks for the long weeks you sweated over the website design and copy, Brad!).

Some of our All Natural Soaps...

We are thrilled with the new soaps and the new website.  We would LOVE your feedback so go see and tell us what you think!

10% of all orders (not including shipping) made through our website through Friday, March 29th, will be donated to the Human Rights Campaign. Get your soap and support everyone's right to choose their partners!

 We ABSOLUTEly support the right to choose.  If you couldn't marry the person you love, how would you feel?

Peace and love.

xoxo Jo and Brad