Wednesday, April 30, 2008

One More Left!

Carrot Cake Bubble Rubble.  There is only one jar left and I am not sure I will run it again.  I think it isn't as popular as I had hoped.  I love it and I know my friend Carrie~Gigi loves it.  No matter.  New scent for Bubble Rubble coming soon...... 

Something good  ;)

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Shea Butter Deodorant by Savonara

All natural deodorant?  I have been using Tom's Of Maine on days I don't use my Lady Mitchum.  Really it is about convenience and where the stuff is at the moment of my underarm preparation ritual.  I have heard that the nasty aluminum junk in antiperspirants cause cancer, especially in women.  I have been hearing this as long as I can remember.  This is why I have Tom's of Maine, to offset the abuse I give my armpits with the commercial stuff.

Sher, owner and creator at Savonara, is very sweet and super talented.  We did a trade and I got some of her soaps (which I will review on my Soap Blog in a couple of weeks) and I got her shea butter deodorant.  Honestly, I was hoping for the best, but I didn't have too much faith in its effectiveness.  Armpit goo (aka Shea Butter Deodorant) made with shea butter, coconut oil, baking soda, corn starch and essential oil just doesn't sound like it would combat the armpit stench that often comes from the granola smacking group of people in the crystal aisle.

So "curmudgeon me" aside now:: That goo works!!  I swear that stuff surprised me silly.  Now, I didn't go out in 90 degree weather and weed my garden for hours to test, so I am not sure how it would perform under heavy duty sweat conditions, but I have used it for about two weeks and I do my fair share of sweating, especially when I am formulating and lugging 25 pounds of shea butter from here to there.  

To use:  dip finger in goo and scoop out about a pea (closer to chickpea, perhaps) sized shea lump and spread onto skin under the arms.  This does not feel oily or sticky in any way, which surprised me.  I truly thought I would have a greasy yucko feeling in the pits, but I did not.

Sher made me a special scent, geranium, but she is selling her armpit goo (aka Shea Butter Deodorant) in rosewood, orange tea tree and lavender lemongrass.  For 2 ounces, it costs a mere $6,00.  I think that is very reasonable.  And no cancer!  How about that!!??

Check out her soaps because not only are they gorgeous to look at, they smell awesome!  She also has a blog, if you want to go check that out as well!

Orange Patchouli Cold Process Olive Oil SoapBlackberry Sage SoapSoapstone Hand SoapSoapstone Hand Soap TurquoiseRaiku mild creamy Almond scented cold process soap
Moonlit Snow Cold Process Soap  -  Mild and Creamy
Orange Patchouli

Monday, April 28, 2008

A Contest Poem

Carrie~Gigi, you are so sweet sending this to me.  I am so glad yo like it.  You put a smile on my face all day.  xoxoxo

Product Body Name Game


Let’s play a game; we’ll start with clues…


First clue…is nothing new~ you love your skin through & through


Second clue…is about Jo-Mama, and she ain’t just makin’ lush ol’bombas…


Third clue…it’s great for fall, winter, summer & spring


Just throw it in your tub for that extra bling!


Here’s the last clue~ then we’ll be through…


Just think of a cake a bunny would bake…


So Joanna if it not too much trouble, don’t stop makin’ your Bubble Rubble…


Tub bubbles in Carrot Cake…certainly is something I wished I baked!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Plum Is The New Black

According to the New York Times (some time last week), the color plum will be the new black. Now, who makes these predictions and how does it work? My thinking is that some designer somewhere decides to spread a fashion rumor and make a ton of clothes, stilettos and credit card designs in whatever color they close their eyes and magically choose on a whim. I don't buy into it. Sorry. I like plum, but more than the color, I like the name. That's really all. I don't like being told what I need to start wearing or producing because all of a sudden some bozo behind a desk claims it to be so. I say, "Fe!"

Know what colors I think are cool? Cranberry red, pomegranate red and calming cream. Of course black is a staple for me. I like the color and it looks good with anything and everything. I happen to own a lot of black and that's that on that matter.

Here are some plum things that I think look cool, but not because someone tells me it's cool.

Felted bracelet- 3 Fun on Etsy

Handmade polymer beads - Polyclarific's Shop

Plum tee - ChicksWith Sticks

Ginger plum salt spa bar - Crazy Times Candles

Product Body Challenge Winner!

I had a poetry challenge.  The challenge was to write a poem about a Product Body product.  I think this one was a hard one for everyone.  It took a lot of guts for those of you who sent something in. I don't think I could have done it so well at all!

First, let me just say that I loved (!~!) all of them (all three).  I have to give the prize to Gena Kay! Carrie and Teresa, I love you guys and I loved the love.  They were such wonderful poems.  I will post them tomorrow, if that's okay.

Here is the poem that takes the cake:

3:10 to Yuzu 

Take three minutes or take ten,
Then take ten more and start again.

Try a Japanese bathing tradition, 
Add yuzu fruit to your bath - or shower,
One whiff of your yummy yuzu concoction,
You'll witness the 
Product Body Power. 

The scent of this tangy oriental fruit,
With skin of yellow or green.
Transforms your skin into the most touchable, 

Anyone's ever seen.

Batches by the bunches, 
Mixed up with care by Magician Jo.
To create an enticing 
Product Body Experience, 
There's no length she'll not go.

Spring is in the air,
Not far behind is 
Get your skin ready to be touched, 
Soft and sweet as a turtle dove.

Love your skin,
With a love that's true.

Cane sugar, shea butter, a pinch of yuzu.
And everyone near will have a Crush on You. 
And Yu,

And Yu,
Oh, and Yu, too.

Ok, as you know, I love give-aways, so stay tuned for more of them coming soon.....

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Fun 'Buildings Around The World' Writing

Bummer.  The "T" got cut off because it doesn't get the idea, though.
Go visit GeoGreeting to make your own name out of buildings from around the world!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Taking A Bubble Rubble Scent Poll

I am ready to make more Bubble Rubble and I thought 
I'd switch it up a little and create something "the people" 
want. So, I put my creativity aside for this project and 
I leave it to you. Tell me what scent you want in a bubble 
bath and I will (depending on the scents I currently have in 
my scent closet), I will create the color and scent of the 
chosen suggester.  

I have some general suggestions if you need help:
baked treats

Leave a comment if you are wanting to try Bubble Rubble, 
but haven't because the scent hasn't been quite right.  Bubble Rubble  

Have fun with it. Now, if I don't get any suggestions, 
I may have to go crazy and make something off the wall. 


A reminder about the poetry contest. All poems need to be 
received by the 25th to be considered for the prize.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

It's Official

Alltop, confirmation that I kick ass

I kick butt, according to Alltop ;) Alltop lists some incredible blogs out there. You should go check it out.

Where is The Love?

The Product Body Challenge was a total flop. Other than the beautiful and talented Gena Kay, not one person wrote a poem to get the goodies. Shame. Gena's poem : 3:10 to Yuzu, is brilliant. I also loved that movie (3:10 to Yuma)

Perhaps poetry is not the outlet you all are inspired by. I'll have to think of new things soon, as I love to give stuff away!

Carry on.

Real Simple

May, 2008, page 98. That's it, I am done gloating. Thank you for letting me indulge.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Best News Ever

I got confirmation of some great news yesterday, but, I actually haven't gotten my hands on it yet.

My friend called me yesterday afternoon to congratulate me.


"I saw you in REAL SIMPLE magazine! It's on page 97 and there is a big foot and they talk about Sugarfoot!"

Omagod, omagod, omagod. I was aware that Real Simple had chosen us to be a part of their May pedicure story, but they also said that I could be yanked at the last second before they go to print. I know for a fact that some other businesses have been yanked, literally at the last moment so I didn't want to get my hopes up too high. According to my contact there, the magazine is supposed to hit newsstands on Monday, but I suppose some subscribers get it a few days early (?)

Tonight my mother calls me and said she saw it on their website. So here it is. I am super proud to say that Sugarfoot is a "Real Simple Pick". I have been loving this magazine way before I even got into this business, so it kind of feels hard to believe we are IN it.

Pedicure Shortcuts
There is my jar of Sugarfoot!

When I get my hands on the real thing, I will scan it and share with you the moment I can.

Thank you all for being so supportive.


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Product Body Challenge

Gena, the winner of the Photo Contest in October (see winning photo above), suggested that I run another contest. Hmmm, perhaps her Product stash is dwindling.

Gena: "
I think you should have a poem writing contest similar to the Photo Contest. Contestants have to write a poem about Spring or Summer and their fav Product Body product. Fun!" I thought, poetry? Not sure if anyone would even try that. So I challenged her to start the ball rolling and this is her Product Body poem that has already won my heart.

3:10 to Yuzu

Take three minutes or take ten,

Then take ten more and start again.

Try a Japanese bathing tradition,
Add yuzu fruit to your bath - or shower,

One whiff of your yummy yuzu concoction,

You'll witness the
Product Body Power.

The scent of this tangy oriental fruit,

With skin of yellow or green.

Transforms your skin into the most touchable,

Anyone's ever seen.

Batches by the bunches,
Mixed up with care by Magician Jo.

To create an enticing
Product Body Experience,
There's no length she'll not go.

Spring is in the air,

Not far behind is
Get your skin ready to be touched,
Soft and sweet as a turtle dove.

Love your skin,

With a love that's true.

Cane sugar, shea butter, a pinch of yuzu.
And everyone near will have a Crush on You.
And Yu,

And Yu,
Oh, and Yu, too.


Don't you love her?

The winner will win theeeeeese fabulous prizes:

Crush On You, scrubby wash (of course!)

Bar of one of the soaps I made -
not for sale to the general public but is made by me - see below**
Bubble Rubble, solid bubble bath

Cream, cream

The poem will also be shared with our awesome readers, of course. Think about our products, think about Spring and Summer and send me a poem of any sort (Haiku, Carpe diem, Sonnet, creative!). Email them to me at jo(at)

All entries should include a title and be received by April 25th. I know, that seems kind of far away, but poetry can take a few extra days. I will post a reminder over the weekend.

Good luck!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Sparkling Champagne Crush On You

Our Crush On You is a big hit in the press in general, which I am so glad about. It is also one of my personal favorites and is in every shower and sink in my house (and my mother's house and my friend's house...). I wasn't so sure that a new fragrance I got would be well received because it was an unusual scent. Sparkling champagne may not appeal to some, but it evokes happy memories for me. My children love it, but they think it smells like Coke (what do they know of champagne....the finer things).

Well, I put it out there, and Crush On You is usually the place I start with new scents, because I think people are more willing to dive into an unfamiliar scent with Crush On You because it washes off. This month, Sparkling Champagne has become our best seller! Who knew? Of course with help of Maya at Wedding Bee who tipped off a flock of women who are getting ready to take the plunge.

To celebrate, I tip my latte and slurp a little caffeine down so I can gear up and make more batches of the lovely bubbly Crush.


Monday, April 14, 2008

Coffee Soap

Winner of the Unusual Soap Photo Contest on The Soap Bar is.........

Heidi of Soapaholics Anonymous! Unfortunately, she does NOT have an Etsy shop for you to purchase her yummies. I will let you all know if that changes. Her soaps are wonderful!!

Coffee Soap by Heidi of Soapaholics Anonymous

Friday, April 11, 2008

Baby On The Way? Make Diaper Cakes!

Not Martha mentioned this new baby shower entertaining phenomenon. People are getting more and more creative when it comes to celebrating a new baby on the way. I eat it this crafty stuff up (but not a slice of diaper for me) probably because this creative crafty creation stuff never occurs to me and I am fascinated by the logic behind crafty beauty.

That said...

Seen on Alpha Mom: "How To Make A Really Useful Diaper Cake" by Chris Jordan (of Notes From The Trenches). I give full credit to Chris for designing and sharing this recipe and photos with the world and to Alpha Mom for posting it.


These are just a few pictures from the series, but you need to visit this link at Aplha Mom for the whole "recipe" with step by step instructions and oodles of pictures to go with each step if you are into it. So creative!how%20to%20make%20a%20diaper%20cake.jpg


Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Get Your Feet Ready To Be Naked

If you haven't tried Sugarfoot, I urge you to get your feet in shape before those new toe revealing sandals arrive in the mail that you ordered.

When I lived in NY, I didn't see my feet unless I was bathing. Socks, boots, fuzzy slippers...whatever kept my feet warm. So the lack of sun, moisture, and touch made my feet so limp, sad and fugly for Spring. When it was time to let my feet breathe and finally see the daylight, I was blinded by the white pastiness. I wish I had had Sugarfoot then.

So, I created a foot scrub that is light and fluffy, with exfoliating power to scrub away the callouses and dead skin that clings on. The scents are pure heaven: Cookie and Ruby Red Grapefruit. Cookie, for those who want sweet smelling feet (smells like a real cookie) and the Ruby Red for the citrus people like me (tart and mouth watering indeed).

Get your feet ready, because they will need to be covered again and those poor feet will suffocate in those socks if you leave them there too long. ;)

Monday, April 7, 2008

Another "Why Florida Is Cool" Post

I have been so busy it has been a chore to stop and smell the roses. I love the sea air and the wind in my hair when I ride in my husband's Jeep, top down, tunes cranking so I was forced to breathe and relax. Thought I'd offer you some reasons why Florida is cool. In Florida, outdoors is always ready to have you over to hang out.

Paddleboarding. Not surfing...

Photo Credit: Reid McCree Photo Caption: Mike Karol of Port Salerno, performs a frontside turn on his standup paddleboard during the Treasure Chest Pro/Am surf contest Saturday at Stuart Public Beach. (20 minutes north of me)

My husband and kids did this last weekend with a couple that came from Maui and had these boards designed and made especially for them. It is so cool to watch. I didn't actually get on the board, but I enjoyed sitting on the beach and relaxing as an onlooker.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Carrot Cake Bubble Rubble

I made the Carrot Cake Bubble Rubble and I have to say, the scent is wonderfully intoxicating. A confection-like bubble dream. I don't know how well you can see the rubble, but I thought I'd post this pictures of the richly brown cakey Bubble Rubble hunks.

Carrie~Gigi, I sent you a little sample because I know how much you love carrot cake :)

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Way Behind

I owe a lot of goodies to a lot of people.

  1. I need to get a goodie bag to the winners of the last give-away (those go out tomorrow).
  2. I want to send a gift to Sharon at Platypus Dreams for being such an incredible artist and sending me a HUGE box of soap...need to give her some presents.
  3. Since the Wedding Bee review, we have been slammed with orders and I am working my tush to get everything out this week. (This is a luxury problem. Orders are good no matter how hard it works you.)
  4. I am part of a soap swap, so I need to get 7 little boxes of my handmade soap to the other soap makers who will be sending me soap, too! They are actually lined up and ready to go. They just need to be addressed and sent off to the post office.
  5. Send thank you gifts and cards to at least ten people (where does the time go?)
There are about ten other things I need to do within the company and with fellow colleagues, but these are too boring for even a mention.

Because I need to moan for another second, I just want to share that my legs, back and feet hurt from standing and formulating all day. The body is just not what it used to be. I had plenty of jobs that would keep me slaving away on my feet all day, and tired was the only work hangover I got, now I am an achy complainer.