Thursday, August 27, 2009

End Of Summer Sale!

Yes. Summer is ending. There are only a few days left in August and then September rolls around, Labor Day comes and before you know it, Halloween will be creeping up on you. Yeah, you'll see!

So.... for the last few days in August we are offering 15% off of everything except Product Travels and Gift Certificates. It's the last yee haw of summer.

Coupon code is summersend

SO, use it, share it, use it again. It expires when August does!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My Etsy Shop

Because it is too hard for me, personally, to upload my ever changing soap and bath bomb products every week or so on Product Body's corporate website, I opened an Etsy shop where it is very easy for me to manage my own updates. I know that may sound lame, but because I don't make 6 of the same soaps all the time, I don't have standard listings.

I am having so much fun with soap making and bath bombing I can't even tell you. I would love you to periodically check out what I have to offer there because handmade soap is incredible. I make it all from scratch using fresh, nourishing oils, lye, water and the best fragrances I can find. Here's the address:

Like I mentioned, the shop is constantly being updated, so what you see there today is not necessarily what you'll see there in three days. In about a week, I have a very pink Ruby Red Rock Star (tart ruby red grapefruit) coming due and she is fine and tart!

Lots of love from my soapy lab of smelly goodness!!


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Beauty By The Batch

Have you checked this place out?

"Beauty By the Batch is dedicated to promoting the benefits of using handmade beauty, health and home care products to consumers seeking high quality products."

We are one of the featured artisans there and I am really proud to be a part of this new website. They have artisans listed, but they also have articles in their Personal Care Articles Library that are saturated with an enormous amount of information that we can all learn from.


...don't be left out without the information

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Vacation Notice

I am giving my notice. ;)

Product Body will not be formulating or shipping any more orders until we start processing orders again on August 11th. So if you haven't placed an order by yesterday, Friday July 31st, you will have to wait until August 11th to have your order processed, formulated and then shipped.

I do hope you understand. I must have a vacation before I fall over. I haven't had one in (I think) two years.... SO! Here I go on a road adventure. Perhaps I'll see you on the way!

Have a wonderful half of August.

this is how I feel now....

this is how I want to feel on my vacation.... =)