Sunday, November 20, 2011

Soap + Bath Tea Giveaway!!

soothe bath tea by Product Body (coming this week)

We have a giveaway, a giveaway, a giveaway!  You could win:

1.  TWO handmade cold processed bars of soap (of your choice) from Product Body, and 2.  TWO of our not-yet released bath teas... (sealed in tea bags!  yay!)

All you have to do to get entries is “LIKE” Product Body on Facebook, if you haven't already, then go to our website, view our handmade soaps here and comment below with the two soap scents you’d like to try.  That's it! Come to our website to browse to see which soaps float YOUR boat, then leave your comment back here.   

You get an extra entry for blogging about this giveaway (just comment back that you did so we know about it).  If people comment and say that you sent them, you get an additional entry!

Bath Teas with be put on the site this week, hopefully by Tuesday or Wednesday.  These tea bags are chock full of skin softening powers and will make your skin feel better than it has for years. They include a citrus-y coconut milk, orange peel and sea salt blend, and a soothing bath sea salts, with milk, lavender, calendula, chamomile botanical blend and lastly, a botanical-free tea bag:  coconut milk, oatmeal, sea salts.  They will be sealed in a naturally biodegradable tea bag that will not spill the flowers, peels and petals into your bath.  You get the benefits of the ingredients without them all floating around and leaving you with cleaning up the "exploded garden" in your tub.  Just let the botanicals steep and the sea salt, oatmeal and milk dissolve.  You will be in heaven. and when you're finished with your tubby, simply toss it or re-use it.  Easy-peasy!

A winner will be chosen at random and notified on Thursday, December 15th, 2011.  

Good luck! xx

Friday, November 11, 2011


Our Everyday bars, usually $4.95 are on sale for $3.95 until they are gone.
Happy shopping!

Monday, November 7, 2011

The Herb Garden Carrying Exclusives

 Magic Hands Workshop recipes, Product Body's flare.  Custom soaps for

The Herb Garden is carrying custom exclusive soaps that I have made for them.  They smell amazing!  

Changes In Latitudes Shea Butter Soap
Black Raspberry Cream Shea Butter Soap
Black Raspberry Cream Sea Salt Soap
Buttermilk and Honey Shea Butter Soap
Sandman Shea Butter Soap 

I've also made some new ones that are almost cured and are fantastic and will be shipped in the next few days and headed to Allison!  She is very creative and we are working together to offer you all great new and exclusive soaps, so go check out her website to see what she has!  And mid-November she will have a bunch more soaps for you to check out.

Believe you me, I will be photographing the soaps better than THIS!  Ugh!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Magic Hands Workshop is in the HOUSE

Magic Hands Workshop (MHW) made amazing soaps, and as you know, Jackie of MHW gave me her soap recipes and I have been offering a few of them:  Hawaiian Sandalwood Shea Butter Soap, Alabaster Sea Salt Soap, Red Currant Sea Salt Soap and Eucalyptus Tea Tree Facial Soap. Well, this month, there will be much more added to our line:

Lavender Mint Sea Salt Soap, Bitter End Shea Butter Soap, Ambre de Nepal Shea Butter Soap, Cucumber Mint Sea Salt Soap and perhaps Wildwood Rose Soap.

This is Bitter End revealed - just out of the mold.

Bitter End is AMAZINGLY fantastic. (you think I kind of like it?)

This is Jackie's photo (above) and here is the description she wrote in her old listing:
Isn't it odd how something bitter can seem so sweet? Bitter almond, bitter orange, and bittersweet chocolate. Smells like something you'd want to eat. As long as that's really almond and not cyanide, that is. Ingredients: Olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, water, sodium hydroxide, palm kernel oil, canola oil, shea butter, fragrance, bittersweet chocolate.

So how could I NOT make this soap?  It smells unreal.  It smells like everything I love.  So, perhaps I have more chocolate in mine than she used to make.  It's my first time making it, so when you buy a bar of it, I'd love your feedback.  Perhaps, I'll dial back the chocolate a tad.

Bitter End, coming soon:  End of November.

What are YOUR favorite Magic Hands soaps.  Perhaps I could bring them back for you?

Thursday, November 3, 2011


Update on the soaks: They will be offered starting next week. We had a supply and demand issue and the release day has been pushed back a wee bit.