Monday, June 30, 2008

Suspect And Fugitive

I am inspired. I found a great blog created by an amazing artist who makes temporary food art from the most common things. You MUST check out Suspect And Fugitive and also go see the entire collection of amazing portrait art on flickr.

suspect and fugitive is a year long project where i make an item a day out of suspect (questionable) and fugitive (non archival) materials."

Here are some of my personal favorites...

Andre The Giant made from pez candy:

Inigo Montoya made with Hello my name is labels:

George Washington made with mouthwash:

Clint Eastwood made with dye on dryer lint:

Cheetos Britney Spears:

Friday, June 27, 2008

Win A $500 Shopping Spree

Vote for Us for's 3rd annual On The Rise awards and you could win a $500 shopping spree!

We'd love it if you voted for Product Body in the bath and body section.
Who doesn't want to win $500 in stuff?

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Summer So Far

Desmond (age 7) on his skateboard

Sea Grape in the sun

Montage of crazy glass blowers after a dip in the pool:

Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Heat Of The Summer

It is just too hot already. I think we will be taking Tangerine Dreams and Whipped Shea Butter off of our website for the Summer months. We currently have a heat warning, so order at your own risk, da da da, but the whipped goods, if melted in the heat is really unrecognizable. I will sell the balms, because if they melt slightly, one can just keep them cool and use them once hardened again, but the whipped stuff? It will only take up half the jar. Yes, it is whipped to double it's size.

Trust me - we tested it. I put the two whipped butters in a postal box, taped it up and stuck it in the sun for an hour. Not surprised, the butters were completely melted and looked half full in the jars (or half empty depending on the way you look at it). It was 88 degrees in the shade. Yea, Florida.

I have a few left on the shelves that I made on Friday, but when they are gone, they're gone from the site until September. If you need to get some on your skin, you'll just have to come to my house because it is air conditioned and chock full O' Shea. You can also take a dip in my pool.

Friday, June 20, 2008

A Little Window Shoppe Giveaway

Little Window Shoppe is having a giveaway and Product Body products are the prize!  It is a really cute site started by Emily, a very nice gal who lives in Utah with her very cute family.  She finds fun and interesting things for her readers so they don't have to go through the internet to find things to buy.  She does the window shopping for her readers.  A slice of brilliance right there.

So go enter her giveaway, but more importantly, check out her site.  

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Queen Of Scrubs?

Kristen Kelly of Beauty Addict did it again.  She wrote another wonderful review of our Sugarfoot on her blog and I am blushing once again from her praise.  If you want to read the entire review, go here to read "The Two Sugarfoots (Sugarfeet?)".  Here are a couple of highlights I snagged:

...I'm just gonna come out and say it: Joanna Schmidt is the Queen of Scrubs.
...packed to the gills with scrubby bits. This is key for me these days, especially after my recent disappointment with that useless L'Occitane scrub.
...And like all of Product's products, it feels and smells absolutely heavenly. It comes in two scents, but really, who cares about Ruby Red Grapefruit when you can have COOKIE?

Thank you, Kristen!


Monday, June 16, 2008

Scoutie Girl Features Product Body

I love Scoutie Girl.  There are so many amazing indie businesses that get featured, and I admit, I have bought from many of them.  Jan finds some amazing products.  Today, she found us, and we are thrilled!  Please go check out the Product Body feature here and if you have never checked out her blog, I urge you to make Scoutie Girl a daily read.  It is truly a gift resource you'll never miss with.

Thanks, Jan!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Shea.....mefully Good For Me

One of my favorite products is shea butter.  I am a dry cookie, so I must moisturize everyday.  My loyal standby is whipped shea butter.  Slather, drink it up, feel supple.  This is the reason I got into this business to begin with.  Dry skin and painful cracks made me delve into research and development.  I remain a self healer, thank goodness.  Because honestly, if I didn't have a million body products surrounding me in every room of the house, I don't know how I'd survive.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Better Photos Of The Bubble Bars

My daughter, Nina, helped me make the bubble bars yesterday.  She chose the colors and scents and I think she's getting quite good.  You see how I groom her?  One day.... maybe she'll take over.  :o)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Delicate Rose Flower and Strawberry Banana Marshmallow Bubble Bars

Today, I made more bubble bars, and I am so happy with how they came out.  Instead of hand forming them, I decided to slice and I love the way the texture pours out.  When I photograph them in natural light, I'll be putting them on my Etsy Shop.  I love playing with bath goodies!

The Leapin' Lime swirled bars are scented in Delicate Rose Flower.

The blue and pale blue bars are scented in Strawberry Banana Marshmallow.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My Girl

Nina (right) graduated from elementary school on Friday and will now be going to middle school.  She is 11 years old and middle school is coming at the perfect time.  Hormone crazed and temperamental these days, she is excited to move forward and grow up.  I don't envy the teachers now that I have been through the last few months with Nina.  She is an angel, but when the hormone surges, I am living with an alien, or, more like Sybil.  

This face will show up more and more, I know it.  The "what are you doing, Ma?!" look.    I suppose you could put anything in the place of "doing":   wearing, talking about, laughing at, trying to do....?

A few weeks ago, the fifth grade had Field Day, and Brad and I went to help out, be supportive, because, let's face it, how many more of these things will she want us to attend?  Anyway, I was having fun, Nina won two events in a row, and I did a cheerleader move or two, Brad and I also tried to create an "N" with our two bodies and I think she was definitely a tad mortified.  Wouldn't you be?  Thing is, I do not see myself as old at all, so doing stuff like that seems natural.  I don't go out of my way to embarrass.  


I do know it freaks her out when I break out in dance when we're out in public and a song comes on that I like.  So I break out and she looks around, fearful that someone has seen me and she screams in a whisper, "Maaaaaaaa-m!!"  That is fun, I must admit.

She'll remember Field Day and think about her parents cheering for her and having fun and the embarrassment will shed eventually.  I mean, she's got cool parents.  Who wouldn't be thankful for that?  ;)

Friday, June 6, 2008

Handmade Bubble Bars

Aren't these fun?  I made them last night.

I make Bubble Rubble for Product Body, and it is hunks and chunks of bubble bars broken up and sold in a jar.  I have been thinking more and more about minimizing packaging as well as offering single use items for less.  I decided to try them out as single bubble bars and put them up on my Etsy shop.  So far my Etsy shop has pulled in ZERO dollars.  Each bar is 3 ounces, scented with essential oils of lemon and orange and I'm charging only $4.50 each.  One bar will create huge amounts of bubbles for one bath, but can be broken up for two.

Puzzling.  I think the products I'm offering are so cute!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A Note About Sunday

A grandmother speaks a little about her grandson...

a story about Desi 

 I have the coolest grandson in the world.  he is handsome and athletically superior in every sport he engages in.  he looks like a surfer guy, but lately hasn't been too keen about the ocean  (since watching Jaws on tv).  anyway, further words of adoration: he is beautiful, has long hair now, which he whips to the side by a movement of his head,  he is fantastic at soccer, biking, skate board, and hasn't done too badly on ice skates.  he practices golf at my house and can hit a mean softball.
the other night we had a birthday party for his Poppy and he spent hours in the pool.  it was late, school was the next day, and his mom asked him to take a shower before dinner.  he had been in the shower a long time and i walked in to check to make sure everything was okay .  when i opened the shower door there he was lathering his whole body down with Crush On You.  I knew he had learned well in his home and has the softest little body on earth.  Oh, by the way, his mother is Joanna.   Diane

(My mother is a wonderful grandma and my kids adore her.  She doesn't have a lot of strength in using her caps consistently, does she?)  ;)  I kid, Ma!

No More Drippy Scrubs

Velvet in Sweet Vanilla Mango.

I really like how the new scrubs are like thick smoothies or granitas.  We are considering offering in the Sugarfoot container (8 oz. of scrub).  

Can I get your opinion?  Would you rather drop about $20 or $30 on a scrub, not really caring about the size?

Please discuss....


Monday, June 2, 2008

More Bombs...

I think they came out pretty good considering I've only been at this bath bomb making for a couple of months.  My favorite from the 68 bombs I made is the Yuzu with calendula petals (below).  They remind me of mellow yellow Easter eggs.   Or sugary sugar coated jaw breakers, but the size of a croquet ball.
These are some of them wrapped and ready to go.  Some of the others that went out in the order was Riceflower & Shea, Red Lychee Tea, Lavender and Dark Chocolate Almond.

I was having a heck of a time getting the right balance of everything.  Practice does make perfect and I kept at it, and it paid off.  Phew.  Now my fingers feel raw and my arms are definately feeling "the burn".