Monday, November 23, 2009

Brine Thyself!

It does look like snow, but acts like the ocean to soothe, soften and take you away to a place of bliss. We've made a bottle of relaxation just for you to enjoy in your tub. 10 ounces of a magical mix. Sea salt, epsom salt, tapioca and fragrance.

Salt Snow... Fantastico!

Come see what all the fluff is about.


Thursday, November 5, 2009

Joy Of Statistics

Have you heard the big news?

It's very big for us. After serious number crunching and long, hard hours of back and forth between me and my husband/business partner, we have dropped our prices by 15-25%. This was a hard decision, but we believe that in these economic times that we all face and with the situation being what it is for so many of us, we need to put this company in a more accessible place without sacrificing quality. We hope that Product Body will be what you reach for when you need something and that it is easier because we brought it closer to you.

We love our customers and every email and phone call we get brings smiles and adds lifts under our toes and sparks energy into our very noisy muses, so thank you thank you thank you for your support and feedback.

You have no idea what joy it brings me, personally, every time you add a comment on my blog or send an email about an experience you had about a product you used and how it made you feel or what memories the scent evoked for you. You think I may not be listening or don't care? You are wrong. I read every word myself. I eat that stuff up. Maybe because it just brings me such joy to bring people such joy!