Tuesday, September 22, 2009


There will be changes coming with our products....

Some new things, some things gone for good. Stay tuned for our newsletter and I will update you here as well with the news and with photos.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Thousand Thank Yous

We made it past 50 endorsements for Shine A Light! I am thrilled. We are into the first round of the "Judging Phase", I can't even believe it. Brad nominated Product Body and who knows?? Well, you never know. I'm sure thousands have entered, but Product Body sure could use the award money for marketing, staff (boy, I really could use help!!), a sales person... we could really be efficient!

We may be inspiring enough....

I love you! And so I give you a thousand thank yous and my promise to continue to try to be the best I can be and try even harder.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Shine A Light Small Biz Award. Can't Do It Without You.

Shine A Light Program is an opportunity of a lifetime for me and Product Body. Amex and NBC are asking people to recognize inspiring small businesses. I have until Sunday to collect at least 50 endorsements to qualify...to be in the running for a monetary prize so we can make Product Body go to the next step, to continue to bring you yummy body treats.

When you go to endorse Product Body, you do need to register. It will only take one minute of your day. I promise.

So if you'd be willing to help us, please register here: Shine A Light and then hit our story page and click the Endorse Now button on the upper left part of the page.

You can get to our story page directly by either going here, Product Body Shine A Light Profile Page or by clicking on the Nominations button, then using the search box and searching under Product Body.

This means the world to me. You have no idea.
Thank you.

ps: If you are really feeling crazy, tell the world and send the message out to nominate us, too!


Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Facelift

Product Body's homepage was redesigned and I am loving the colors, the treatments and the whole vibe. It needed to be brightened up, cheered up and simplified along with our slimming menu changes.

We hope you like the changes and the eye candy. Thanks to my husband for his talent, perseverance and his patience with my perfectionism, nit-pickiness with this-n-that, and my random thoughts through the process.

Go see it for yourself: Product Body Website


Thursday, September 3, 2009

Very Slimming

The shop looks so much nicer now from the front.
Must. Take. More. Pictures.
And my hair has grown. ;)

Being everything for everyone has put me and this company into a head spin. As much as I love to formulate new things and offer a million wonderful fragrances, I can not do that with the lack of staff and support I have in the current state we are in.

With that, we have decided to discontinue some products from our line and just focus on the products which are our best sellers.

We will be eliminating:

  • Chez Salt
  • Velvet
  • Butter Scrub
  • Bubble Rubble
  • Tangerine Whipped Dream
  • Coconut Milk Bath Soak
  • Salt Bath
What we have on our shop shelves that are already made are on closeout on our website and when they are gone, they are GONE. Super discounted, some over 30% off. We will be offering new things for the holidays and we will bring in new things eventually, but for now, we will be offering the best of the best and we will NOT disappoint.

The Crush On You is amazing and is our very best seller. Apparently, some of you scrape the bottoms of your jars while you wait for your paychecks. I totally know how you feel, though because I can't live without it. I have to scrub my face with it every night, and I am addicted to the Baked Bread scent. Can't live without it, oh my gawd! It's THAT good.

The other thing is that we added some handmade soaps to our site. You can still see all of my soaps that are available on my Etsy shop, but if you want one transaction when you shop with us, we'll be offering more and more soaps as we go right there at the Product Body site.

So this is my update for now.

Hope this wasn't too much of a hit.

I still love you! And I'm still here. =)