Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Perfume Or No Perfume

We have been sitting with the idea of discontinuing our perfume oils because we are really focusing our energies on Soap and Crush On You whipped sugar scrubs. 

I know that Lair and Mazu have been our biggest sellers, but the others, not as much.

I believe we will be discontinuing the once stock is depleted but offering Lair (and maybe the others, depending on the response to this announcement) only on our Etsy Shop and not on our corporate site, Product Body.

Please leave a comment or email me directly at jo (at) productbody (dot) com if you can't live without or want to make your opinion known or if you want anything custom made for you.

Looking forward.  Looking in.  Looking out.

Thank you for your continued support everyone!

Saturday, June 2, 2012


Orangewood will be in stock June 25th. 

Right now it is curing and we upped the yums in the batch.  We added charcoal soap to it for a visual pop and silk for an even slippier slip for shaving.  So, not only does it have bentonite clay and shea butter, but it also has newly added silk, for a sweet smoothness and luxuriousness you'll find in Orangewood.

Scented with essential oils of orange and sandalwood, this soap is desired by men and women.

courtesy of cocobong 

Cocobong Blog wrote some wonderful things about our soap, including Orangewood:

Whip up some Orangewood Shea Shave soap with either a sponge or a shaving brush and you'll not only get plenty of that lasting lather, but a nice, skating razor glide, great conditioning and the finest scent for both guys and girls. Tamed orange paired with far away sandalwood, more wood than sandal. Tea tree essential oil has been added for skin benefits, but I really couldn't pick out its distinct, pinching smell, not even a trace of it. The combination is clean, soft, sexy in a very mature way, present and perfectly balanced. If there were a scent I would never want to run out of for me it would be PB Orangewood. 
Orangewood Shea Shave soaps' quiet appearance, slightly greenish and ivory white in color, makes it one classy soap bar.

New photos to come......