Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Perfume Or No Perfume

We have been sitting with the idea of discontinuing our perfume oils because we are really focusing our energies on Soap and Crush On You whipped sugar scrubs. 

I know that Lair and Mazu have been our biggest sellers, but the others, not as much.

I believe we will be discontinuing the once stock is depleted but offering Lair (and maybe the others, depending on the response to this announcement) only on our Etsy Shop and not on our corporate site, Product Body.

Please leave a comment or email me directly at jo (at) productbody (dot) com if you can't live without or want to make your opinion known or if you want anything custom made for you.

Looking forward.  Looking in.  Looking out.

Thank you for your continued support everyone!


Anonymous said...

please please do not stop making your perfume oils...........

Pam said...

Joanna thank you for your comment on my salt bars, luxury and whimsy...soap. The recipe is adapted from a soap master with magic hands and big heart!

Pam <3

tanya said...

Yes, please don't stop making perfume oils.. I've been using it for almost three years now because I love the scent of your perfume that you have made..