Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Product Body Challenge

Gena, the winner of the Photo Contest in October (see winning photo above), suggested that I run another contest. Hmmm, perhaps her Product stash is dwindling.

Gena: "
I think you should have a poem writing contest similar to the Photo Contest. Contestants have to write a poem about Spring or Summer and their fav Product Body product. Fun!" I thought, poetry? Not sure if anyone would even try that. So I challenged her to start the ball rolling and this is her Product Body poem that has already won my heart.

3:10 to Yuzu

Take three minutes or take ten,

Then take ten more and start again.

Try a Japanese bathing tradition,
Add yuzu fruit to your bath - or shower,

One whiff of your yummy yuzu concoction,

You'll witness the
Product Body Power.

The scent of this tangy oriental fruit,

With skin of yellow or green.

Transforms your skin into the most touchable,

Anyone's ever seen.

Batches by the bunches,
Mixed up with care by Magician Jo.

To create an enticing
Product Body Experience,
There's no length she'll not go.

Spring is in the air,

Not far behind is
Get your skin ready to be touched,
Soft and sweet as a turtle dove.

Love your skin,

With a love that's true.

Cane sugar, shea butter, a pinch of yuzu.
And everyone near will have a Crush on You.
And Yu,

And Yu,
Oh, and Yu, too.


Don't you love her?

The winner will win theeeeeese fabulous prizes:

Crush On You, scrubby wash (of course!)

Bar of one of the soaps I made -
not for sale to the general public but is made by me - see below**
Bubble Rubble, solid bubble bath

Cream, cream

The poem will also be shared with our awesome readers, of course. Think about our products, think about Spring and Summer and send me a poem of any sort (Haiku, Carpe diem, Sonnet, creative!). Email them to me at jo(at)

All entries should include a title and be received by April 25th. I know, that seems kind of far away, but poetry can take a few extra days. I will post a reminder over the weekend.

Good luck!


Carrie ~ Gigi said...

Gena did a wonderful job on her poem~ I'll sharpen my pencil, but it couldn't be- certainly won't be-as "sharp" as Gena's! Yu know....

Gena Kay said...

Ah shucks, thanks! I must say, it was loads of fun to write, but not as fun as acutally using the Yuzu Crush on You! I took a look at your blogs, dear, what a beautiful soul you have - and beautiful granddaughter, I might add.
Here's to Yu and your sharp pencil.
Have fun, Gena (one of my nicknames is Gigi)

Carrie ~ Gigi said...

Gena~ Gigi! I sharpened two pencils~ with BIG erasers! And you are toooo nice to meet yu :)

LoveMichie said...

Hehe, thats a great poem!! I especially love the and yu and yu part. Very cute!

Catherine Tragesser said...


You're an artistic beauty! Watching you blossom over the past years as such has filled my heart with "bubble bath."

You make the product appear irressistible. If this product is how you stay so beautiful, I'll take one of everything!



Anonymous said...
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Anne-Marie said...

Love the poem! Your products are truly worthy of poems =)

Joanna Schmidt said...

Thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

Heeey, you can't announce a poetry contest while I'm away! ;>

I used to write poetry semi-regularly. I just don't know if I'll come up with one before Friday. Hmmmm....

Anonymous said...

Ok, here's one:

Crush On You Haiku

Delicate granules
Sugars so sweet or fruity
Heaven for my sole