Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Shea Butter Deodorant by Savonara

All natural deodorant?  I have been using Tom's Of Maine on days I don't use my Lady Mitchum.  Really it is about convenience and where the stuff is at the moment of my underarm preparation ritual.  I have heard that the nasty aluminum junk in antiperspirants cause cancer, especially in women.  I have been hearing this as long as I can remember.  This is why I have Tom's of Maine, to offset the abuse I give my armpits with the commercial stuff.

Sher, owner and creator at Savonara, is very sweet and super talented.  We did a trade and I got some of her soaps (which I will review on my Soap Blog in a couple of weeks) and I got her shea butter deodorant.  Honestly, I was hoping for the best, but I didn't have too much faith in its effectiveness.  Armpit goo (aka Shea Butter Deodorant) made with shea butter, coconut oil, baking soda, corn starch and essential oil just doesn't sound like it would combat the armpit stench that often comes from the granola smacking group of people in the crystal aisle.

So "curmudgeon me" aside now:: That goo works!!  I swear that stuff surprised me silly.  Now, I didn't go out in 90 degree weather and weed my garden for hours to test, so I am not sure how it would perform under heavy duty sweat conditions, but I have used it for about two weeks and I do my fair share of sweating, especially when I am formulating and lugging 25 pounds of shea butter from here to there.  

To use:  dip finger in goo and scoop out about a pea (closer to chickpea, perhaps) sized shea lump and spread onto skin under the arms.  This does not feel oily or sticky in any way, which surprised me.  I truly thought I would have a greasy yucko feeling in the pits, but I did not.

Sher made me a special scent, geranium, but she is selling her armpit goo (aka Shea Butter Deodorant) in rosewood, orange tea tree and lavender lemongrass.  For 2 ounces, it costs a mere $6,00.  I think that is very reasonable.  And no cancer!  How about that!!??

Check out her soaps because not only are they gorgeous to look at, they smell awesome!  She also has a blog, if you want to go check that out as well!

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dcyrill said...

If you say it works, I will consider it. Thanks for giving me more eye candy to look at with Savonara's blog. :) The creativity is off the charts.

Anonymous said...

It does work! I can vouch for that. I have the orange-tea tree scent, which I like an awful lot (that's amazing considering how I'm not fond of the smell of tea tree oil usually). I use an even smaller amount than the chickpea size Joanna mentioned, and it seems to do the job for me. Granted, once it warms up, I may have to use a bit more. I really like the feel of the stuff too.

Anonymous said...

P.s. Joanna, great newsletter! :)

LoveMichie said...

Wow, I have to try this1

Heather@Twin Birch said...

I love her soaps. They are gorgeous! I have to admit, I sometimes end up with Right Guard on the pits because my hubby leaves it out and it's handy to grab. yikes!

Anne-Marie said...

I'm headed off to buy it right now .. and maybe it will inspire me to try my deodorant trials again. I chickened out after my first major failure but I might be inspired to try again. =)

Anonymous said...

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