Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Taking A Bubble Rubble Scent Poll

I am ready to make more Bubble Rubble and I thought 
I'd switch it up a little and create something "the people" 
want. So, I put my creativity aside for this project and 
I leave it to you. Tell me what scent you want in a bubble 
bath and I will (depending on the scents I currently have in 
my scent closet), I will create the color and scent of the 
chosen suggester.  

I have some general suggestions if you need help:
baked treats

Leave a comment if you are wanting to try Bubble Rubble, 
but haven't because the scent hasn't been quite right.  Bubble Rubble  

Have fun with it. Now, if I don't get any suggestions, 
I may have to go crazy and make something off the wall. 


A reminder about the poetry contest. All poems need to be 
received by the 25th to be considered for the prize.


Carrie ~ Gigi said...

Here goes...because the awesome pic is inspiring...

Pink~ Cherry Almond (simple-hey?)

P.S. Love my Carrot Cake Bubble Rubble...the smell is decedant

Heidi said...

OK, here's my idea...

When I was a kid we would eat these fruity candies that started out crazy sour and then when the sour wore off, they were juicy sweet. So how about a green colored fruity, sweet and sour rubble? Is that even possible? Fragrance forumlating isn't a strong point for me = ) I'm going to be doing some reading up in the hospital...

dcyrill said...

Orange Creamsicle comes to mind. Something not too Orange fruity smelling. But the underlying smell would be vanilla or whatever smell makes you think of creme. Color - pastel orange.

trish said...

I vote for something soothing -- lavender and/or vanilla, for examples. If I'm taking a bubble bath, it's usually to relax. I love citrus-y scents (your pink grapefruit Crush on You is awesome) and I enjoy the Sparkling Champagne Sugarfoot, but (for me) those scents are best in more invigorating products.

LoveMichie said...

I will never ever knock back chocolate scented products haha! A smooth and creamy chocolate scent would be delicious!!!

Orange creamsicle sounds delightful too Diana!

Joanna Schmidt said...

Hmmm, many things to think about. I do not have orange creamsicle but I might be able to concoct something similar....

sour - I like sour!

Maya said...

hmm...maybe coconut, creme brulee, gardenia?

Heather@Twin Birch said...

If I could climb into my tub of Mango Sweet Vanilla Whipped Shea, I would!
Maybe Mango Sweet Vanilla Bubble Rubble will save me from
an ill-fated dive into a 4 oz jar?

Anonymous said...

Dang...I see my comment yesterday didn't take...ok, here it is again:

I also vote for the orange creamsicle scent!

I usually like the citrusy fruity smells, and also "sophisticated" ones like champagne.

Kelli said...

I think you should make one that smells like Margaritas!!!! Something fruity and lime smelling.

Joanna Schmidt said...

I love all of your ideas!
Maya, I may try those. I love creme brulee dessert - so does y dentist ;)
Heather, I've made that and it comes out light brown. Does that bother you? I can make it again. That scent is so popular. I think it brings people to a vacation tropical place. Don't dive into that tiny jar, you might hurt yourself. Also, you'd get butter in yer eye!
Teresa, champagne was popular with the wholesale spa customers. I have another batch to make for them because it sold out. It was colored a medium sky blue.
Kelli, I love margaritas, but haven't found a margarita scent I like yet..... any ideas?

Kelli said...

ummm. Wellington Fragrance makes a very nice Lime and Coconut Lime scent. But not necessarily margarita . maybe if some lemon is added to a basic lime? Ha! I need to make myself a margarita to remember what it smells like! :) :)

tru-blu-groupii said...

true blue spa from bath and body works has a gorgeous "need a margarita" scented body wash that i an IN LOVE with;and philosophy (a sephora brand) has a 3-in-one senorita margarita scent i haven't smelled it personally but my friends say it's awesome.