Friday, April 11, 2008

Baby On The Way? Make Diaper Cakes!

Not Martha mentioned this new baby shower entertaining phenomenon. People are getting more and more creative when it comes to celebrating a new baby on the way. I eat it this crafty stuff up (but not a slice of diaper for me) probably because this creative crafty creation stuff never occurs to me and I am fascinated by the logic behind crafty beauty.

That said...

Seen on Alpha Mom: "How To Make A Really Useful Diaper Cake" by Chris Jordan (of Notes From The Trenches). I give full credit to Chris for designing and sharing this recipe and photos with the world and to Alpha Mom for posting it.


These are just a few pictures from the series, but you need to visit this link at Aplha Mom for the whole "recipe" with step by step instructions and oodles of pictures to go with each step if you are into it. So creative!how%20to%20make%20a%20diaper%20cake.jpg



egassner said...

I love diaper cakes! I make one everytime someone I know has a baby. I just made two last month for some friends of mine...sisters who were due 2 weeks apart from eachother!
Maybe I will do a new blog and post the photos. :D

dcyrill said...

I love these diaper cakes. Being creative and making handmade gifts is at a all time high these days.

corinneyb said...

I'm getting ready to make one of these for my best friend's shower next month!

annelikokulum said...

ı wıll try now it's nice too much and easy..