Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Things About Florida

An old friend came to town a couple of weeks ago with his wife and daughter who I absolutely fell in love with.  It was my first time meeting Courtney and Maddy and we hit it off.  They are seriously thinking of leaving New York and moving somewhere completely different and are actively looking for places to move to.  

Gary and Brad are good friends and I adore him and his whole little family.  They are considering Florida as a spot for possible relocation, but the heat is a problem for Courtney.  I have devised a plan to shed the light on how great Florida is, even with the heat, so that they will move here.... and soon!

Courtney and me

Once a week I plan on pointing out reasons why Florida can be wonderful.  Courtney, this is for you!

First group of reasons:

1.  The beach is 3 miles away and it is available every day.
2.  Look at these built in playmates!

3.  I love playing, too!

So this concludes the first installation of brainwashing.  (Let us chant)




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