Friday, January 25, 2008

Beige Bubble Rubble

A new wholesale customer in Texas asked me to make a batch of Bubble Rubble in sweet vanilla mango.  Product Body's Bubble Rubble, which is a solid bubble bath, has only been made in lavender, lemon, tangerine, and hyacinth and all beautifully colored and smelly delicious.  I figured it was a reasonable request, right?  "Sure!!", I said.

When I was hand  mixing this batch together I added yellow color and scent and set it up for curing overnight.   Well, this morning, to my surprise and disappointment, the batch turned to a mauve-like beige color.  Uh oh.

Now I had heard of soap makers warning each other that vanilla can cause the soap to discolor to a brown, but I never really gave it much thought in this case. :[

I called my customer, explained the situation and she was so easy going about the whole thing.  She figured as long as it smelled wonderful, she didn't care.  I sent her extra Bubble Rubble in Tangerine as a booby prize and hope it sells well for her.

I quite like the color, but it looks like a cocoa, not vanilla mango.....


Carrie ~ Gigi said...

That darn vanilla thing can sure make things very difficult! Even with this "over night" surprize, I have no doubt this Bubble Rubble will be great!

Anne-Marie said...

Oh dear, I hate that when it happens. I'm surprised it happened so quickly though... Thank goodness your customer was accommodating.