Monday, January 28, 2008

Foam and Hallmark Loved Our Whipped Shea

Product Body made it into Foam and Hallmark magazines this month.  Both features were on our Double-Whipped Shea Butter.  The Foam feature was focusing on natural green products and the feature in Hallmark was about moisturizers that work.  

Press is good.


Anne-Marie said...

That's wonderful news for you and your great products.

Did you proactively send them samples or did they come across you and fall in love with your clean packaging, sassy fragrances and top-notch formulations?

Carrie ~ Gigi said...

Congrats Joanna! Doesn't surprize me at all, I love your products!

Also, I was also wondering the same thing that Anne-Marie had asked... :)

Joanna Schmidt said...
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Joanna Schmidt said...

Hi Crafty Queens!
Our original review in Foam was last Summer. I contacted them and sent them Whipped Shea and Crush On You. And followed up, of course.

Then during the summer, a freelance writer for Foam on the opposite side of the country contacted me about the Shea Butter. I sent it, she featured it! It's great.

Also, in August Lisa of Hallmark Magazine called and asked for samples, she received them and said she had no place for them specifically (I thought it was the polite cold shoulder), but a month later, she asked me for shea, I sent it in Tangerine Slice and she featured it!



Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the exposure...very exciting, and deserving, I'm sure! :)