Wednesday, January 16, 2008

First Cake - Wilton Decorating

I had to make icing for the first time at home before my cake decorating class, ice my cake and bring in the cake to decorate in class.  Can you believe that the main ingredient for icing is Crisco?  Pounds of Crisco and confectioners sugar, a couple of tablespoons of meringue powder, flavor oils and water and ***voila!*** icing!

That is me in my kitchen mixing the first batch of icing

The class was super fun, although I think my cake turned out pretty ugly.  Why you ask?

a)  The cake looks very lopsided and weird
b)  I don't like the colors so much
c)  I'm not big on rainbows unless they are in the sky or from a crystal in the sun

The rainbow took me over an hour to make.  Each part of the rainbow is made of hundreds of star squirts,  with each tiny star taking about one second to squeeze out.  The process was very fun and I thought of nothing but icing while I was decorating.  Immersing myself was a way to completely detach and de-stress, although I don't think I breathed because I was concentrating so hard.

Now I know why professional cakes can be pricey.  It's not the ingredients.  It's the skill of the decorator.  I will continue to share, but being a beginner is a challenge and can be embarrassing.  ;)


koinoniacommunity said...

My daughter is jumping up and down and saying 'I want that cake for my birthday!' You should feel proud. It turned out really well!

Anonymous said...

I love the cake! I had no idea Crisco was the main ingredient for icing, but I have only made chocolate mousse frosting up to now. I was going to make butter cream frosting for my kiddos up and coming birthday.

Joanna Schmidt said...

You guys are very sweet. Thank you for your positive comments.

The Wilton Buttercream is what I did. It just has butter flavor and vanilla flavor oil in it...."real" buttercream icing might have actual butter in it. I would think so!

It was still good. ;-)

Heidi said...

Your rainbow looks awesome! Those stars can be tricky. Now that I know what goes into the frosting I don't eat as much as I used to = )

Anonymous said...

rainbows bring dreams, fantasies and happiness. it is a very awesome endeavor. i love it. ddl

Anne-Marie said...

Love it, love it, love it. Where in the world did you manage to carve out a full hour in your day to be creative? I'm totally impressed! =))

The cake looks great and the photo of you is beautiful.

Lola said...

Great job, I am excited for March
Love Lola

Anonymous said...

Great job! How did you get your blue cloud like surface on top of cake to look so pretty, almost marbled effect, instead of solid blue. I really like that.

Joanna Schmidt said...

I think I had some white in the bag with the blue. Hope this helps!