Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Moisturizing Tips


About moisturizers... it really is a personal preference what moisturizer is right.  For instance, my mother hates anything greasy, so Mama Bomb, Ski Bomb, and Shea Butter are NOT her thing, but for me?  Nothing else moisturizes the way those do.  They are super concentrated balms and seep in after ten minutes or so, so my skin glows afterwards.  The Cream is a thick lotion and moisturizes without that greasy feel, but is more of a light moisturizer. Body scrubs can also assist in combatting terribly dry skin by taking the dead cells (outer layer) off the skin to reveal the untouched layer which you can then moisturize daily to maintain the glow.  

At Product Body, we make two types of scrubs.  One that is cleansing and the others, oil and sugar (& sometimes butters).  The Crush On You and Butter Scrub are like two different animals.  The Crush On You is a sugar scrub with shea butter and cleansing agents, so when you wash it off it leaves NO film at all, just softness.  The Butter Scrub is more of a typical sugar scrub containing no cleanser at all.  It is pure sugar, cocoa butter and oil and will leave you oily once scrubbed and rinsed.  Some people like this type of scrub  because they can come out of the shower, dry off and have no need to use an additional moisturizer....but some people detest the oily feeling when they are finished bathing.  It's all so personal what route of moisturizing one chooses, so before purchasing a scrub, try to think about what you do NOT like, so that when you use it, you are in heaven and not feeling unsatisfied.

For nighttime, people with extremely dry skin should scrub dry patches with any scrub and then, slather on Mama Bomb or Ski Bomb and cover hands or feet with cotton gloves or socks right before bed (so you don't stain your sheets).  If you do this every night for a week, you will see a significant difference in your skin. Either way it will be such a treat for your skin...The cracking, peeling, painful, dry skin that is caused by repeated washing, dry heat and cold wind will subside and you'll feel better.  I know I do.  :)

Stay hydrated,
xoxo Joanna

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Heidi said...

I never thought about the differences between creamy/greasy moisturizers. I'd love to make some in the future and this is good food for thought. I'll have to try yours so I know what its SUPPOSED to be like. = )

I really enjoy reading your blogs...I learn so much!