Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Nice Catch!

My family went fishing off the neighborhood dock the other night, and my 7 year old son, caught this catfish. It was the size of my forearm.

We ate it for dinner that night. Dipped in egg, powdered in flour and sauteed in butter and olive oil with a squeeze of lemon. I had never eaten fish that was breathing an hour before. It was a bit hard to try it, but once I got through that first bite, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Delicious!

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Anonymous said...

Good for your son! How very cool and sounds delicious! Catfish is tasty. Dh and I are slowly working on putting in a pond (it's a someday dream) on our property so we can stock up with meat fish.

Asians are big on eating ultra fresh fish. In authentic Chinese restaurants, you can pick your fish out of an aquarium in the restaurant, and they'll cook it for you for the meal.