Wednesday, February 13, 2008

More Bath Bombs Today

I plan on making more bath bombs today while the cracked ones torture my mind at every turn. I'll work very hard to NOT let that happen again. Those pink and peach ones were so soothing in color and the smell was dynamite! Sharon of Platypus Dreams took her cracked bombs and are selling them anyway at half price. Good idea. Why let those gems go to waste? The picture below is from her cracked stash.

Poor Sharon. She had made 300 of them for a customer and they all cracked! That must be heartbreaking. And here I am, being sad about a few.

Go check out Sharon's new blog! She has very interesting things to say.


Anonymous said...

The bombs would make a great Easter gift because they look like easter eggs. I like them. DDL

Anonymous said...

Use pretty enough packaging, letting just the lovely colors shine through, and the flaws can be overlooked. Once you drop them in water, they'll work great no matter how they appear. :)

Oh For The Love Of Bob! said...

Try adding Kaolin clay to your bath bombs, it will save them from cracking