Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Bomb Making Continues

Yesterday I attempted the bomb making for the second time. I made three different batches.

The first batch was the Pink Cupcake. This time I tried using a natural color instead of the Wilton Gel Colors made for cake decorating. I used Ultramarine Pink Oxide, which is a powder. I incorporated it into the mix. Before I filled the molds with bomb, I used candy sprinkles to the mold to add to the cupcake theme (and scent).

The second batch was the Cocoa Bombs. The light brown color comes from unsweetened Giardelli cocoa powder
I incorporated with the baking powder and citric acid. I used dark chocolate fragrance. Before I filled the molds with bomb powder, I used the same cocoa powder to sprinkle in the mold for a nice eye candy effect.

The last batch, I thought to make the simplest bombs of all. No color, no kaolin clay, no borax....just super basic with Champagne fragrance and a candy heart for decoration. These came out the best, with not ONE of them breaking, cracking or morphing in any way.

Who knew?

These are White Champagne, Pink Cupcake and Cocoa bombs.

None of these had any cracks. The White Champagne Bombs were the most basic of of all the recipes I tried.

Some of these cracked....frustrating.

Here are the Divine Citrus and Kumquat Bombs I made the other day, all wrapped up. I wish I were a more crafty person with more fabulous tags...

I will continue to try these bombs, but it is very frustrating that almost half of them crack in the center. I tried the squeeze differently, but maybe I should go with the more simpler of the bombs with color. Okay, until next time. I will keep you informed when I make the next batch. These will make excellent Valentine's Day gifts.


Carrie ~ Gigi said...

Joanna- I think these look great! And as far as the tags go-- I think something handmade has a very special quality to them.

nahiacreations said...

These are beauties! I love the ones with the candy hearts, but they all are wonderful.

Anonymous said...

They are gorgeous! I, too, adore the hand-made tags.

Anne-Marie said...

The candy hearts look AWESOME! These are cute and totally creative. I heart these. =))

Carrie ~ Gigi said...

I saw a video on making these. It also had a neat idea about using the extra "bath bomb" ingredients into some bath salts...for any extra bath ingredient.

Joanna Schmidt said...

Yes, Carrie Gigi. The ones that crack can be crumbled into some sea salt for a fizzy salt bath treat! No waste at all. The fizzing just isn't as long lasting..... A wonderful bathing treat nonetheless!!!!!!

thanks to all of you who are so unbelievably supportive!

kisses and hugs- Joanna