Tuesday, August 19, 2008

School's Out + Bath Bomb Success

The pink ones are yuzu and the green and purple are grapefruit exotica (new). They came out great and I am pleased as punch! The grapefruit ones are for sale on my Etsy shop.

On a sadder note, Tropical Storm (not hurricane) Fay has closed our schools for the day. 2nd day of school canceled. Let's get on a schedule, folks!

We are experiencing a stormy squall every 45 minutes or so, some lasting 15-20 minutes per squall. This is about as stormy as I like it. Windy, thundery, rainy, dark, but no wind damage and power outages.


Suds to Love said...

Good news about the bath bombs... hope you're staying dry and safe!

Carrie ~ Gigi said...

Been thinkin' of you Floridaians~ with the wicked weather. Stay safe!

Your bath bombs look wonderful~ pure yum!

Anonymous said...

Ditto what the other ladies said: Stay safe!

I keep reading your blog and seeing the fab bath bombs, and I may be a bath convert yet.

koinonia community said...

Great news on the storm not being huge. =D

Bad news on the schools. :(

Have they no pity on mom's that have already done their back to school happy dance?