Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Lowel Ego :: #1 On My Wish List

I am a regular reader of The Hungry Housewife blog written by Leslie in Tampa. Yesterday, she wrote a post about a light that I now MUST GET. So, if anyone if anyone is interested, I now have an official Wish List and The Lowell Ego is #1 on that list.

My creative juices like to flow at night, when there is a total lack of natural light. Flashes stink and I am not good enough to know how to maneuver the built in flash nor do I have the patience for nighttime shooting if the pictures are lousy to look at. So yesterday I was reading Leslie's blog, and I was so impressed by the quality of light in her photos. She used the Lowel Ego Digital Imaging Light which is a fluorescent, plug in, tabletop nifty photo assistant. Now your Etsy shop or the portrait of your baby can be perfect with no harsh shadows from a flash.

"...a revolutionary tabletop fluorescent Digital Imaging Light, the elegant & easy to use Lowel Ego. Setup is a breeze, plug it in, place it on the table, & turn it on. The result is fast, simple, & beautiful light output that's ideal ..."

What else could I want?

Thank you, Leslie.
Thank you for making me NEED something so badly.


Leslie said...

Here we go again with stupid Fay! Stay dry!
And you are too sweet for writing this about me and this FAB light!
Maybe they will send you a free one! Only in our dreams!LOL

Anonymous said...

This sounds a lot like the Ott lamp I have, but this one looks way cooler. :>