Monday, August 18, 2008

Oh Fay

So here we go again. Fortunately as it stands, Tropical Storm Fay will hit and the chances are low that it will increase speeds and turn into a hurricane. That is good news (no mounting shutters), but bad for my bomb making. It still is a tad humid inside, but I have cranked up my A/C this morning and we'll hope for the best.

There was too much organizing the kids for school over the weekend for me to make bath bombs. Today was the first day of school here in Florida. Yeah. Early. In NY, I always went back to school after Labor Day. It's hard to get used to the southern way.


Heidi said...

hurricanes...the one thing that makes me a wee bit nervous about moving to florida.

i can't get over how many people i know sending their kids back to school today! they go after labor day here, but i'm waiting until the 8th. homeschooling may be hard work, but it does have a few benefits =)

Suds to Love said...

Crossing my fingers for the bath bombs and to keep the storm from turning into a hurricane. I hope the kids have a nice first day back to school, in Oregon, it was always the week of Labor Day, so it does seem early to me.