Friday, August 15, 2008

Bath Bomb Nightmares

What happens when you have a particularly humid day, your air conditioning isn't cranking the way it usually does and you have a wholesale order for bath bombs? Throw a lot of citric acid and baking soda in the trash, that's what.


Some days, formulating is easy peezy lemon squeezy, and some days it feels like I'm rubbing my face on sandpaper. Today was a sandpaper kind of day. No doubt about that.

Tomorrow, bombs will be made and I will show photos. Maybe. If they are good enough.


Suds to Love said...

Good luck with the weather cooperating for your bath bombs.

Michelle said...

I'm sorry things are a struggle Joanna :( I hope your days improve and that your able to create.

Heidi said...

I hate having to throw away botched batches of anything. Sorry it was such a nightmare. I never realized how much weather could affect something like that.

Anonymous said...

Ugh. Dontcha just hate that? Once I was making a batch in my kitchen, and my bombs kept getting bumpy, mishapen and all-around frugly. We're in dryasabone California, so I couldn't figure it out.

The culprit? Yours truly never imagined that running the dishwasher at the same time as bath-bomb making would make the whole project a new lesson in failure.

Lesson learned. Hard.

Wishing you drier air!

Sorry I have to post as anon...I'm having trouble logging in tonight.


Anne-Marie said...

Ugh! I totally went through this myself and isn't it a total bear? I have no idea what to say to help only that the weather switcharoo in Washington state helped me out immensely with this little problem. =( Good luck!

Joanna said...

It worked! I think I managed to screw up the recipe. What a numbscle (sp?)

Thanks again for the words of support. They don't go unnoticed. :)

LORI NOVA said...

okay - ATTENTION ALL BATH BOMB MAKERS... stop throwing perfectly good mixtures into the trash just because they don't turn out the shape you wanted them to. i know, some days the forces of nature are again us when making fizzies, but Joanna, what about having a "Bath Bomb Rubble" or "Fizzy Rubble" or similarly named product that is packaged in a cello bag or large plastic jar (no glass) that are bits & pieces that will still fizz just the same. i know how popular these products are with my friends kids especially - and i don't think they would mind. maybe they can be offered at a discount if you really think that's necessary :)