Sunday, May 6, 2007

Going Green

In the beauty business, judging a book by its cover is part of the industry. I do it, you do it, it is part of the consumer experience. When I pick up a jar of anti-aging cream, for instance, in a department store, there are three things I notice.
1. Jar and design.
2. The miraculous claims.
3. Finally, the price.

If the jar is a heavy, glass jar with simplistic labeling, I am more inclined to pick it up. Once it is in my hands, I read on. The claims of the miracle cream making my 36 year old face look younger in 14 days? I'll buy that! Does it ever make me look younger? I try to think it does so that it justifies the pricey purchase. We all do. However, if I see the same cream in a flimsy jar with a less than stellar design on the jar, I probably won't pick it up and read the back or consider the purchase.

Packaging has really been an important part of our process. From the beginning, I always insisted that the more expensive packaging made sense because it was elegant and classy and of high quality. If I were in a store, I would pick up my own Cream because it looked special. Because the Cream was in the heavy bottomed expensive packaging, it feels more special and in turn, makes the consumer feel special after they purchase it. At least that is my experience as a consumer.

The "foot in the door" theory was my big pitch for keeping these expensive jars around. Unfortunately, there is an 8-10 week lead time for delivery of the jars, because the manufacturer makes them to order. The lead time can be a problem because if we get a large order from a retailer, we can get stuck unexpectedly and end up running out of the good jars.

We realized recently that the thick jars we use do not have the recycle logo on the bottom. Can't be recycled? No good. At that moment, we decided that it was more important to make the move to going green. We try very hard to make choices in life and in business to have the least effect on this earth. We use suppliers that use natural clays to refine our shea butter, not chemicals, we support our local sugar supplier who minimally process their sugar, we support organic farmers where we can and we pack our retail boxes with newspaper that we actually read, instead of purchasing filler (because even if we purchase recycled filler, it takes a truck burning loads of fuel just to get it to us!). So when you get our boxes with your goodies, we ask that you recycle the newspaper on your end.

So when our supply runs out on the jars, we are going to be using recyclable jars. Not as pretty, but there is a benefit for you in addition to the recycling component. It holds MORE product, and we aren't raising the price. The jars are cheaper so you not only are part of the movement towards going GREEN, you get more for your money! And what is better than more Crush On You for you?!?

Stay tuned. I will be posting our switch-over when we get close to finishing the jars we have. In the meantime, please reuse the jars. They can be used for holding paper clips, tacks, loose change, sea shells, jewelry....whatever. Reuse, recycle, reinvent. And let's join together to make a small difference.


corinneyb said...

This is great news! Thank you for taking this step to make your products even better - and earth-friendly.

Anne-Marie said...

Don't feel bad about buying anti-aging cream that costs too much money. I use cellulite cream which I know for sure doesn't work. But, I want it to. So, I use it ...