Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Fake Bake Month

I frequent beauty blogs. I try to keep up with skin care trends through the eyes of these very dedicated woman. Lately, it appears that everywhere I go, bloggers are reviewing fake tanning solutions. Big comparisons between this lotion and that bronzer. Living in Florida, I don't worry about being pale, because if I want a tan, I can sit poolside and get one any day (although if you saw me, you'd see how pale I am at my tannest). Do you remember when there was only one tanning lotion available back in the 80's? I can't pull the name of the brand from my brain archive. The lotion left me orange and smeary looking. It looked like I smeared myself in pumpkin. Ew.

Other tanning choices on the tan menu are tanning beds, which I did a few times when I lived in Brooklyn and needed a "dose" of sun. The newest form, though, is pretty fascinating. Spray tan. A friend of mine got a spray tan at her gym, of all places. Looks good, but does it just come off when you shower? Can that be good for your skin? The creepiest of all is the tanning pill. I quote from this website that sells Tanamins (vitamins that make you tan????): "Our synergized blend of 2000 mg of L-tyrosine, a natural occurring amino acid, provides the nutrients your body requires to increase melanin production."

Hmmmm. No.

You know, I was a product junkie way back when. Always ready to jump on board to try the next miracle cream... for stronger longer hair, smaller pores, faster growing nails, whatever was going to help me through those terrible awkward years as a teenager. Now I am a bit skeptical because of too many disappointments and too many dumb moves. I am not falling for miracles anymore now that I am 36 years old. BUT! If anyone has tried the pills and has had positive results, then please post here. We want to know.

I think Fake Bake may be a short-lived month of May trend, but I eagerly await other stuff that I actually will use. If you can remember the name of that 80's tanning lotion, please leave a comment, because I would love to be reminded. The old brain is going. :)


Erika said...

Joanna- I'm 36 too! Crazy because I still feel like I'm 17 :)

I finally purchased some of your products (I think I'm the last beauty blogger on Earth to review Product Body!) and I'm totally in love. I can't wait to try more scents.

Take care,

Anonymous said...

QT Quick Tan. It only took four tries to figure out how I can leave a comment.

Tealpwraz said...

Let me tell you, I am SO white that I don't tan... I burn. So I have recently tried taking Tanamins(for one week)... and have been going to the tanning beds(for five minutes only.) So far there isn't much of a change, but I do see a tan. After only 15 minutes!!! I have never had this happen before. Tanamins do indeed work. I don't think they are miraculous by any means. It's just simple science. I learned in anatomy that you need L-tyrosine to suport the production of Melanin. So reading that on the net was nothing new to me. I do suggest that you try them. If they can work for me, they should work for anyone. Also, I do not work for Tanamins in any way... so, I recieve nothing for endorsing their product.

Anonymous said...

I am a red head and normally I freckle a lot and burn.... So, last year I started the tanamins about 3 weeks before we left for Spring Break. I did go to the tanning bed a few times and guess what? I had a nice bronze tan so I'm reordering them again this spring break. I'll probably start taking them again around the 2nd week of March and hitting the tanning bed a few times before we go.

One of my friends spent a month in the dessert and when he came back I was actually darker than him! He is dark haired and normally tans.

I didn't want to be dark, I just wanted a healthy glow. I ended up with a great skin tone and I was happy!


Adam Poules said...

Fake tanning lotions can achieve a even tanned skin tone with no oranges. There are a few simple steps to follow to get the perfect tan without sunbeds or sunbathing. Firstly ex foliate your skin all over paying extra attention to any rough skin you may have. Then moisturise your elbows knees hands and anywhere else you might have rough skin. Apply fake bake or any other tanning lotion evenly on the skin wait half an hour and pat the excess off the skin if there is any left. You get the best tan when you use the fake bake at night. But sometimes if you do not allow enough time for the fake tan to soak in you can get discoloured sheets. You have been warned. But this should give you an even tan with your friends asking where have you been on holiday...

holly said...

I think it was California Tan that created the 1st fake tan lotion. not sure of the actual product name. I've not used the pills but I do use some fake tan lotions like fake bake. They work quite well on my pale skin!

Anonymous said...

wondering about trying tanamins because i am naturally very pale but have super bad farmers tan!! I dont want my tanned skin to tan anymore -infact i want to lighten it!- so i'm Wondering if it will darken ALL my skin, therefore 'darkening' the problem (hahaha)?? anyone else with similar problem? fanx :)