Saturday, May 26, 2007


I know as a customer that if I'm loyal to a brand, I occasionally like to be refreshed with a new product or new look. I like the classics, but the new and improved are exciting as well. I try to drive the company's direction from a consumer standpoint.... what I would like as a consumer, what I would look for that would excite me to try something special.

I have a secret. We are going to be launching a new line this summer, but I can't tell you yet what it will be. We have been running around working like dogs to get this thing going. Who knew it would take all waking hours to run a company and keep it afloat while trying to expand, grow and introduce new things? I love what I do so the work is fun AND exhausting.

There is so much involved in introducing a brand (having done it once), it's much like having a baby, except a LOT less physically painful. First, we had to think hard about what our mission is, then create the product, the logo, jar design, label design, website (and all that's involved in that), the shopping cart, the millions of packages we send out to prospective retailers and press. Then there is filling the orders; formulating, filling jars, labelling, packing shipping.... that's like a whole different company.

So you see, there are so many things to do. I, of course, always fear that I will completely fall on my face and fail. I suppose in everything that we do, there is that to worry about. I am trying to look ahead and make this new line the best I can, and hopefully it will be wildly popular and thrive like a healthy baby. I think it will.

With all that said, you'll have to wait a bit to see what is coming. Stay tuned.


Anne-Marie said...

A new product line under a new name and brand? I can hardly wait to try it all!

Beauty Chick said...

Such a tease!!!! I want to be the first to know!