Thursday, May 3, 2007

We Are In Germany!

Germany ordered our products! Masuri now has Product Body in their hands, and we are thrilled! It is quite a journey being involved in the starting up process of a small business. It can be frightening, nerve racking, challenging and wildly rewarding all at the same time. When we were contacted by the Manager/Director of Sales at Masuri, we were surprised. We had been included Internationally by New Woman magazine as one of the Top Ten Best Beauty Buys of The Year, but when Germany called us? Well, we were pleasantly surprised, of course. We hadn't attempted sales Internationally as of yet.

Denmark is also calling our name. A distributor, no less! So, there you have it. If we keep persevering, maybe this business will grow and prosper the way I hope it can and we will continue to make beautiful handmade products for all of you gorgeous people. We need to get more press and for people to notice us so we can be available in more locations. I continue to send out samples for magazines to try and write about us, but it is quite a process and is something I will go into in more depth soon.... that is a whole other posting.

I've never been to Germany, but I am hoping for some reason I will have to attend a business meeting there soon.... :)


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