Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Free Shipping All Week

It is important to occasionally let you know about certain promotions we are running, so you don't feel like you were kept in the dark. It is my duty to get our news to you..... The United States Postal Service is hiking their rates again, so on Monday morning, the increased rates apply. To celebrate the fact that it hasn't risen yet, and that it is Mother's Day on Sunday and that sometimes we just feel like giving our lovely customers free stuff, we are offering free shipping (U.S. only) on every order until May 11th. Even if we don't get it out before the new rates apply, you still get free shipping.

It is going to be my personal challenge to snap the formulary into overdrive and whip up efficiency and speed as well as the yummies you'll receive in the mail. After you go to Product Body Shop, you'll see on the home page the coupon code "shipfree" which you can use umpteen times to get free shipping.

In addition, Salt Bath and Mama Bomb are both on sale for another week or so. So stock up before it gets too hot, because you are going to need the Bomb after baking in the sun. Or getting wind blown in a sand storm... :)

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