Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Juicy Watermelon

We decided to offer Watermelon as a Summer Treat for a limited time and I have to say, it is scrumptious. It almost smells like a combination of a Jolly Rancher and Bubble Yum, but softer, wispier (is that a word?). So the Watermelon scent is only offered in Shea Butter until I see how it sells, although I think it would be wonderful in Cream and Crush On You, no doubt.

I am always looking to expand our scents because I like to spice things up. I keep getting a lot of resistance from the folks here because it makes our job much harder, and since we don't have gobs of product pre-made sitting on warehouse shelves, and we make it all by hand, adding scents can be quite the task. I also found a new scent that I think is just lovely....the mystery scent. Haven't named it yet or have come up with a way to describe it. I think what I will do is ask some of you who would be willing to be one of our testers and help us with feedback with the scents we are dappling with. So leave feedback and if you'd like the job to be a sniffer of small samples, let me know.

Try the Juicy Watermelon. It is sweet, but not overly sweet. And it's a great Summer smell.


Anonymous said...

AAAHHH...Is there anything better than watermelon in the summer! I'm sure this will another great product for you. All your products are wonderful!

Anonymous said...

yes, yes, please make a watermelon scented cream. I'll buy them out. Also I'd like to say that your dear Aunt Syd is out of everything and hasn't had time to order. She is roughly fading away. Luv ddl