Monday, May 21, 2007

Friends of El Faro

There are always dilemmas that go beyond the obvious daily decisions that are difficult in business, but this one was easy. My cousin Leslie Abbott recently tried my products and loved them. Then, being the thoughtful sweetie that she is, decided to send all of her friends a bit of Product to try (thank you for the support honey!). As you might infer from that, Leslie is a kind and generous woman and it's no surprise to anyone who knows her that she has always been wildly active and done charity work all over the world. Recently she sent me an email with a suggestion about a way I could make a difference and help out one of the wonderful projects she is involved with, an excerpt of which follows:

"I have been going down to an orphanage called El Faro in Tijuana for four years. The group of people I go with head down from L.A. periodically for the weekend, and just play with the kids, do fun activities with them, love ‘em up, etc. We also raise money in the U.S. to support them. The kids are great. In July, we are holding an auction online with EBay. I’m asking you to donate a package...."

Could I possibly resist?!? Of course not! We have made donations to charities and charity events a priority in the past, but over the last month or two (or three) have been swamped (I've blogged about some of our projects, and have some other surprises coming soon...), but a reminder of what really matters to us was just what we needed. As I mentioned, we are busy busy and are almost missing the deadline on getting the goodies off to them, but I wanted to share with you how important this is to them and to me. How often do we involve ourselves in really making a difference? We're just lucky to be in a position to have people present these opportunities to us and be able to help.

So go see their website and see how you might get involved. I take my hat off to Leslie and everyone else who goes down there, leaving their jobs, homes and families to spend some time with these kids and make a difference! Here is my hat Leslie! And my donation is on its way. I love you!

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