Thursday, May 8, 2008

When Product Body was Shashy Bodycare

When I first started my bath and body product business, I named it Shashy Bodycare.  Shashy was a private word/joke between me and my husband.  "What does that mean?" was a question I was presented with daily along with, "How do you pronounce it?  Sha-shy? "  No, I would say.  Shashy, rhymes with Sassy.  Whatever.  Even my friends couldn't say it.  In 2005, I changed the name and revamped the entire line and spent hours, days, weeks and months getting ready to launch it while moving to a different house (stress).  

Product Body was born.

I came across these pictures of a few of our old products.  These are the first ever product photos my husband took with a crappy digital camera.  I liked our set design (we have always created all of our set designs).

Whipped shea butter.  Unchanged although now we offer more than one scent and cooler packaging.

Cream - unchanged.  Now we offer more scents and it comes in a better jar where you can SEE the stuff.

This is similar to the Butter Scrub, but with cocoa powder and added scent.

Massage oil, which we do not offer anymore.  

Mama Bomb.  Began way back when and has been popular ever since.  I still like the little label.

So, we have grown and sweat and persevered.  I have loved this journey!  So there you have it.  Our story.


Anonymous said...

Joanna, I loved going down memory lane with you! It's always fun to read about the beginnings of a biz, especially an indie biz.

Henna said...

Love all those old pictures. So great that you still have them, although I adore your new packaging.

Anne-Marie said...

I Loved learning about the history of Product Body. It's the sign of a great product when a recipe doesn't need to be changed through the years. Fun to see your old labels too!

Queen Marie Antoinette said...

I would love to use cocoa scrub.
hint hint hint :)