Friday, May 30, 2008

Butter Scrub + Velvet Are Back

And cheaper!  We had some issues with our last bail jar manufacturer.  We never were happy with the quality and availability.  In fact, it made us so nuts, we stopped offering them for months.  Well, we found a better manufacturer and a better supplier!  This is all I can ask for, right?  Now customers will benefit from a sleeker looking bail jar that actually seals easily and over and over without seal manipulation.  They are a little smaller -they hold about 2 oz. less and we are charging less, too.  

The Butter Scrub, then:  $38.00.  Butter Scrub now:  $32
Velvet Sugar Scrub, then:  $34.00.  Velvet Sugar Scrub now:  $29.00

In addition to the superior bail jars, the lowered price and cooler re-useable jar, we have reformulated these scrubs a bit to emulsify them so they aren't so darn oily, drippy and slick in the jar and on the skin.  We compromised nothing.  It is still natural and now, not so drippy.  

The Butter Scrub is unscented, but smells just like mild chocolate from the cocoa butter packed in there and the Velvet comes in Pink Grapefruit and Sweet Vanilla Mango (the Summer-iest scent we've got and we are the only ones who carry this because I create it myself.)

Happy scrubbing!


Anonymous said...

I've not tried the Butter or Velvet Sugar scrubs yet, but I'm really enticed by the beautiful jar and by the sound of the new formulations.

You did a wonderful job on the Sweet Vanilla Mango scent, BTW; I'm currently using the Shea Butter Cream with that scent, and it is a fabulous smell, with undertones of coconut...mmmmmm

Heidi said...

More scrubs for me to fall in love with = ) I can't wait to try these! I've never found a scrub that compares to yours...

dcyrill said...

It is always hard to find a good bail jar that works the way you want it and is not crazy expensive.

Carrie ~ Gigi said...

Joanna~ I LOVE this combination of the Butter Scrub & Velvet being offered in a reusable jar. Great idea, and soooo Earth friendly. I can just see me re-using the jar to fill buttons, notions, etc... Ummm....which am I going to order first. I'm off to look :)

Carrie ~ Gigi said...

Just received my order, which included the Velvet/Sweet Vanilla Mango~ I'm in love with this jar/velvet/sweet vanilla mango!

And hey~ you sure know how to make someone's day with extra goodies~