Monday, May 19, 2008

Prehistoric Conair Will Not Smell Like Burning People Anymore

FHI Black Turbo Hair Dryer - Nano Weight Pro 1900 

Misikko asked me to do a review on a hair dryer they are selling on their website.  I review soap on my soap blog all the time, but that is what that blog is partly about.  This blog however, really is about my personal and business life and all that encompasses.   So I had mixed feelings about doing a review.  

They shipped me one.

I have to tell you, this is a great hair dryer, no kidding, y'all.  Okay, my last hairdryer (now permanently residing in a dump in Sun Valley) was a Conair from 1990, I think.  That stupid thing smelled like a burning human every time I used it.  Luckily for everyone in the house, I only dried my hair when I was cold or had to look extra presentable, which is about twice a year.  Maybe three.  And since we moved to Florida 5 years ago from NY, I'm not cold very often.  Three times in five years?

So I get this dryer and it is very sleek in comparison to my clumsy, smelly-burny Conair.   A true hair treat. So I instantly jump in the shower, get my hair wet and jump out dripping all over the floor and start up the blower.  I plugged it in prior to my shower so electrocution wasn't an option. 

Hmm.  I am not a caveman, but I noticed right away that there were many buttons (unlike my prehistoric Conny) so I needed to figure it out.  Manual?  Oh, please-let's get started.  While on, of course, I start changing the settings, buttons, levers..... I was quite impressed.  It has low, medium, high, as every one of these suckers have in this century.  But it also has cool, warm and hot.  Most of the ones I've tried only have had cold and blazing-burn-your-scalp-to-a-nice-cayenne-red HOT. 

Warm.  What a concept.  

It's funny how it never occurred to me that warm was an option or ever thought it should be, I just held the darn dryer at arm's length so my hair wouldn't catch on fire!  It's weird what I save my money on.  I'll go out to dinner that'll cost me $70, but to spend money on non-necessities?  That is where I'm cheap.  I know.  Shut up.

Back to drying with a Porsche-like hair dryer.  Here are the features it has:
  • Adjustable heat:  Heat and Speed, Turbo Boost, Cool Shot (yeah, there are these buttons that do this stuff!)
  • Ceramic heater:  Far infrared ionic heat.
  • Tourmaline, Nano silver and titanium oxide: adds ions, shine; removes chemicals and bacteria (I don't know how that works, but this is a claim they make...)
  • Attachments: diffuser and concentrator
  • One year warranty, super lightweight and it is safe for the environment because it has low EMFs!
Price: $195, Sale price: $130 (but I think this is the price they sell it for always).

While I think that is an expensive item, I also think that if I could have had this dryer instead of that wannabe over achiever Conair, for that many years, it would have made sense.  $130 for 18 years.  That's $7.00 a year for a beautiful head of hair without burn!!

They also have chi flat irons/straighteners - 


Heidi said...

Haha! Who hasn't had the conair stink fill the house at some point = ) It reminds me of college.

So I'm really curious...what part of NY did you move from? The city? Before I had kids it was my dream to live in NYC for at least a year. I didn't get to live there, but college was only 2 hours away (Scranton area if you happen to be an Office fan).

Joanna Schmidt said...

Heidi: I grew up in Brooklyn, moved away for college. Returned to Brooklyn and left when Nina (now 11 was 15 months old. I started seeing crack vials and dog poop everywhere and I moved to Nyack, 30 miles North.

I miss it. Sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Nice review! If I used a blow-dryer, I'd definitely spring for this. Wish I had one of these babies in my 20s and part of my 30s when I used to use one. Now, I'm too lazy to bother, which is why I like long hair - can just tie it back without fussing.

Anonymous said...

I Love that you enjoyed a hair tool as much as I would. If you actually used the diffuser I would be Tres impressed.

Anne-Marie said...

I too have an exorbitantly priced hair dryer. I love it and only feel a mild twinge of guilt when I use it. =)

Heidi said...

Yay for Brooklyn! My grandfather grew up in a cold water flat in brooklyn during the depression. His grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins lived in the same building and they always had great stories. I still miss hearing his accent.

btw...tell Desmond he has great taste ;-) I'm going to make another Kumquat batch when I get some new colors. I'll send you guys a few bars = )

Heidi said...
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