Saturday, August 11, 2007

Soap Blog

My friend had a beauty - life blog and announced that she was interested in testing and reviewing handmade soaps. I thought it was a great idea! Her life, however, recently took a turn in another direction and is unable to keep up with the project. I decided to take on what she started (with her blessings) because A) I love soap and B) I want to help expose handmade soap makers to the public and give them the kind of press that jump started Product Body only a short time ago.

Beauty bloggers review make-up, body products, bath stuff, fashion, you name it. People have come to me, both individual customers and spa/shop owners through the reviews that several beauty bloggers posted about our products. The bloggers were great. I first contacted them to see if they might be interested in trying my products, then I mailed them samples and waited.... hoping they were going to post positive things about us. Well, they did, and without the exposure they gave us, I don't think we would have been considered for the magazines we've been in so far or have secured some of the retailers that carry Product.

I can't wait!! So here is my OTHER blog (as if I am not busy enough!), where I will be posting shortly! It is called The Soap Bar Blog. Come check it out soon, and if you make soap, send me some and I'll write about you!! :)

So excited!!


Anonymous said...

I can't wait!! So many people are never exposed and soap makers are a dying breed. We need to let people know how great they are! Go back to basics, Joanna, good idea!

debbie said...