Friday, August 3, 2007

Homemade Soy Candles, In My Kitchen

So last weekend when my 10 year old daughter had her good friend over, I thought it would be fun to make candles with them. They loved the idea! I have been wanting to make candles again so this was my chance. No more excuses. I had soy wax and wicks left over from years ago when I made candles.

The process was very easy. We melted the wax beads in a double boiler added candle-specific fragrance (I chose "Citrus") and my daughter and her friend thought cream would be a good color. We stirred the melted wax, color and scent together, set the wicks up in cute frosted candle pots, and poured the mixture. It smelled divine! These pictures show my daughter, her friend and the poured candles in my kitchen. We had so much fun!

They were so giggly and excited. We don't normally allow dangerous wax melting and pouring with the children, so this was a first.

According to some candle makers, you should let soy wax "cure" for 4 days before burning, to have the most effective scent throw. Don't know why exactly, but we did. When we burned the candles, they smelled up the room so nicely. The scent shouldn't be called "Citrus". It really should be called Creamy Perfection".

Aren't they pretty?


Anne-Marie said...

Good job bringing the creativity home in such an engaging way. The candles are ideal for family time since there is no real danger in melting down soy wax or using fragrances in the product. The photo you took at the bottom is lovely!

gammadi said...

Hey Nina - beautiful candles, You know who.