Monday, August 20, 2007

My New Favorite Thing

I have been on a mission to find a coconut scent that I like from well over a dozen different vendors of mine. They never smell like coconut, though.....not even close to the real thing. It is kind of like every candle that claims it's vanilla, smells like this gross bleck. I actually love the smell of real vanilla but can't stand vanilla in general because it smells heavy, musky, yucky and fake.

So I still haven't found the perfect coconut fragrance oil, but I finally bought some organic virgin coconut cream oil and when I popped that cap off.... Wow! Gorgeous coconut smell wafted from the rim. It was a perfect blend of coconut and coconut. Not a strong smell, but a true scent. I had to pry my nose out of the opening. I could have breathed it in like that all day. Well, it really goes to show ya that the real thing is key.

I might have to play around with some coconut products very very soon. More concoctions, I love it!

I have 4 of these coconut trees a-swaying in my backyard and they are bursting with coconuts! I should get a machete to hack off the shell to get to the goods. (Knives don't work. We've also tried smashing on concrete, cracking, hammering....those are hard suckers)


Anne-Marie said...

I love VCO! I use it in my face products when I'm making goodies for myself.

Vanessa R. said...

I too enjoy the smell of true coconut. We use to drink and eat the real deal everytime we went to visit family in Puerto Rico and you're right about the machete. That's what my mom's uncle and the locals used...Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

jo - have you tried an electric saw? That will do the job, on the coconut and the saw. Love, ddl