Thursday, August 16, 2007

Free Stuff Free Stuff 2

In the last post, I created a contest for all my readers and Product Body users. I have asked everyone who uses Product Body or is planning to use it, to send us a picture of yourself or a friend with your favorite Product Body product.

It was pointed out to me by a very fine blogger, Meghan Greenhalgh of Faking Good Breeding that it might be nice for people to know what the free prize will be. I really thought it would be interesting to leave it up in the air, but I can see why someone would need the actual carrot to see as an incentive to continue walking forward. So, taking the advice of a dear blogger, here is the list of goodies: The amazing, fantastic Fresh Pumpkin Scrub which has not yet been released (9.5 ounces), Honey Vanilla Bean Scrub which has not yet been released (9.5 ounces), Mama Bomb belly balm (1.6 ounces), and a jumbo Sea Salt Bath (16 ounces -any scent we've got our hands on...list will be provided at the time of winning!!).

I will provide pictures once the Pumpkin and Honey scrubs are fully photographed and labels for the honey is complete. If you are having trouble deciding where to shoot, some suggestions are, but of course, not limited to: On the beach, in a boat, at the Grand Canyon, in a cave, under a waterfall, at work, in a bath, on the street, in a car, or a bar, in your house or on a mouse, by your cat or wearing a hat!

Again, snail mail or email is fine, although digital photos are easier-but anything you've got is fine! Looking forward to it, guys.

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