Friday, August 10, 2007

Baby, Come On Home.... (Led Zeppelin)

Hey, all. Thanks for being patient. I was away on a well-deserved vacation with the family. Believe or not, my husband, two kids and I went to Orlando and had an uproariously good time. We stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel on site at Universal/Islands of Adventure Parks.

What a joint. The pool was HUGE 12,000-square-foot pool with a sand beach, underwater stereo, interactive fountains, a 260-foot pool slide and the popular Beach Club pool bar, and concerts of Madonna, Cold Play, The Police, Ozzy Osbourne...etc. play on a big screen. We actually didn't spend much time in the pool, but it is worth mentioning because it was so over the top.

We visited both parks, both days and I think the temperature in the shade was 98 degrees with no breeze. Brutal. I have to say that the park was really not very crowded on Wednesday, but pretty full on Thursday. The best thing about it was not waiting on long lines. When you stay at The Hard Rock, you can use your key cards as an Express Pass which puts you on a separate line than everyone else. Well, we waited a maximum of 15 minutes per ride, while others waited well over one hour per ride. Totally worth it!! Waiting online at these parks can kill you, especially in the heat. We hit so many rides and it was so fun! We felt like movie stars, pictured below, in Faux Hollywood.

So we got back at one in the morning and I am bleary eyed and so achy. We walked more in two days than I have in 2 years. Ooooh - oww.

So I am back and I apologize for being negligent about posting. Missed you!
xo Jo

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Anne-Marie said...

Glad you're back! I missed reading your blog every few days! =)