Saturday, August 4, 2007

Pumpkin Scrub For The Fall

Well, formulations are complete on our new Pumpkin Scrub (I know, boring name, but to the point). We formulated batch after batch and the whole place filled with pumpkin smell for weeks! It smelled as if someone was baking a pumpkin bread or pie. (The scent still lingers....)

I am pretty excited. I have been fanatically researching new ingredients, their properties, finding suppliers for them and so on. I think we are spot on with this scrub, but I have no interest in duplicating it with different fruit or vegetables. I like to create new, unique scrubs each time. More work and more fun make it more interesting for buyers. I look at competitor's scrubs, and it feels like their just tweaking one or two ingredients, but basically, they all have the same stuff in it. Makes sense if one is happy with a formulation, duplicate, duplicate. But, not me. I find that each product is its own entity and that my next scrub will be completely different.

I have started my Honey Scrub, for those of you who told me they want me to create one. I am close, but not quite happy with it. I must change a couple of things to make it right, but OH MAN, honey is amazing! It is a wonder ingredient. Sticky, yes, but so good for your skin and so yummy smelly. Since my research on honey, I am thinking of doing a multiple honey taste test. I had no idea how many different kinds of honey there are. I will be purchasing all of my honey locally from a well known Florida apiary.

I'm not a big bee fan, but they make honey, beeswax, and royal jelly, all good for you. So to celebrate, I had honey on buttered toast last night for dinner. Dripping with honey. :-)


dee dee said...

Joanna - would love if you would start scents like coconut, strawberry, and other fruity ones. These would work for me in the summer, particularly. Love ya, deedee

jdbsusanna said...

Pumpkin and honey scrubs?! I can't wait!!