Friday, June 1, 2007

Potential International Distributors

That's a mouthful! We have been approached by two different countries overseas to be the exclusive distributor for Product Body in their countries. They sell to spas and other buyers of bath and body goodies. I am so hopeful that they love love love the products and their buyers love them, too. This could be very big for us, or fizzle out and turn to nothing. Sometimes the tension in the pit of my stomach creeps up to my chest and I have to remind myself to breathe. A little less disturbing is when the tension goes down to my thighs, which I figure the tightening of my thighs is helping them be firmer. Who needs skin firming ageless cream when you have tension and stress in one's life?

We have had more International interest than I thought we would through this whole process. I credit this to the internet and the access to reviews online. How is it that businesses that counted on personal recommendations ever succeeded before computers?

It is all so exciting, even if things don't pan out, the prospect of it is still a thrill!

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Beauty Chick said...

That's great news! US girls shouldn't be the only ones to enjoy your stuff :)