Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Saipua - Soap And Flowers

Saipua is derived from the Finnish word for soap, and it's also a really cute store in Red Hook, Brooklyn, New York where I lived about a block away a few years ago. A cute store, lovely products and beautiful flowers in my old neighborhood. You should go check out the shop online, or if you live in NYC, go stop in and see them.

They make handmade soaps wrapped in artistically designed handmade papers and create unique and stunning floral arrangements. Next time I visit, I will take a peek. I bet the place smells yummy!


Anonymous said...

I have used these soaps and they are great and available all over the country.

thomas said...

Natural Handmade soaps are bliss in otherwise polluted life. I have been using Lass Cosmetics - Radianta - Almond & saffron goat milk soap with almonds since last 6 months and I must tell you all that it has brighten my skin tone and radiance. Give it a try! These guys have so many other soaps ... & they are all natural and handmade!!!