Thursday, June 28, 2007

Making Bubble Rubble

Making Bubble Rubble is a labor intensive formulation, because everything is done by hand with no beaters or electricity and it is a delicate process. I always hated the idea of making the Bubble Rubble, but once I get into the groove, it actually is therapeutic. I mix together the powders and liquids (including the lemon essential oil) to form a sort of fluffy dough-like substance that smells like lemon meringue pie, and then knead, and knead until all is mixed perfectly together. One must mix it by hand with, of course, surgical gloves and the feel of it definitely brings me back to baking bread from scratch with my grandmother in Black Mountain, North Carolina.

I am not a baker anymore... not for a good 3 years. Wish I felt more inclined to bake from scratch, but once my kids started school full time, that was it for me. Now it is about the ease of it all, not the process. I am a fan of the slash and burn cookies, the cake mix, the pancake mix. So when I am formulating the Bubble Rubble, it brings me to a happy place where I get that "from scratch" goodness feeling without gaining weight or getting hot in the kitchen.

Normally we sell Bubble Rubble only to our wholesale/retailers, but I think I will bring the Lemon Bubble Rubble back in the game for everyone to be able to try it, because maybe I just need to go to back to my mixing roots.

So keep a look out. Coming soon.....

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