Thursday, June 7, 2007

Clay Mask

I tried a white kaolin clay mask the other night. Mixed two tablespoons of white clay to 1.5 tablespoons of water. Spread the paste on my face like butter on toast and then I let it dry while I watched Jeopardy on T.V. It felt good as it dried and tightened. I have a tendency to break out these days (hormones) and I never really know what I am supposed to do about it. Let it take its course and do nothing? I can't. If I try to dry my face out, my sebaceous glands over compensate and over produce oil and make me breakout even more. But my feeling is that if you do anything in moderation, it's gotta work, right?

I want to help my face look more clear and ultimately get soft and young looking sooner rather than later. I enjoyed the mask. My skin felt very soft after the treatment, but it didn't look any different. I am going to try it two more times this week and give you an update at that point, because it usually takes a few treatments of anything before one can see or feel a real difference.

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Henna said...

I hear ya - this summer I'm having such a problem with break outs whereas the rest of the year I thankfully have few. I'm testing masks for an upcoming feature on my own blog and after two weeks of using a bunch of different kinds, I've noticed a difference. You know when you can feel a breakout coming on because an area on your face might be painful? Well, after a mask sometimes that goes away and the breakout is averted! That's my experience, anyway...