Monday, June 25, 2007

A Letter About El Faro

Back in May, I blogged about a great group, Friends Of El Faro, an organization who work with orphaned kids in Tijuana. My dear cousin, Leslie, told me all about the cause and her immense participation in it. Thought I'd share this letter from her to me:


Hi Jo Jo,

I just got back from spending yesterday in Rosarito and Tijuana. We had a big excursion and took the kids to Fox Studios Baja (where they filmed Titanic) then headed back to El Faro to hang out. I thought you’d like to see a few pictures of some of us with the kids, just a representative sampling. You must feel like you’re getting to know us a little by now!

Cooper Fan Club – Stephen & Hannah are our FOEF (Friends Of El Faro) staff. They met through FOEF, and are now married. Cooper is their 8-month-old son. Here with some kids at EF.

Dat Dat – Stephen playing one of the hand-clap games with the kids.

Gena & Jenny – Gena is your big Product Body fan. She and Jenny here in the toddler room.

James – On the EF playground with one of the boys.

JJ Silly – Juliette in the toddler room.

None of me. I’m the photographer! Thank you so much for supporting our kids! Can’t wait to see you in July!

Love you! -Les


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