Thursday, September 20, 2007

Review: Full Moon Candle

I don't know if I've mentioned this, but I am a dessert lover. So when Joy Castaneda contacted me and sent me 3 gorgeous pillar candles I almost fell off my chair!

Joy contacted me back in July inquiring about carrying some of our products in her retail store, Full Moon Candle. Her shop is located on the Pacific Olympic Peninsula in Sequim, Washington and it's adorable! Joy complimented me on my blogs and after
reading the reviews of soap on my other blog: The Soap Bar blog, she was hoping that I might write a review about her candles.

Candles? I am a sucker for them (among other things). My thrills:
cupcakes, dessert, gourmet food, good wine, the sound of the ocean, humor, art and all things smelly-good. After I told her to drop a small candle in the mail for me to burn and review, I didn't expect to see three entire 6 inch pillar candles in the most delicious smells. You all know if you've ever tried my products, that I love all things citrus, so the Grapefruit was perfect for me! It was a peachy glowing pink, but smelled like tart grapefruit, not the sweeter cousin, the pink grapefruit. When I burned the gorgeous candle it smelled up my room (good throw), but it was a mild form of the direct put-the-candle-on-your-nose-sniff. That candle is now almost gone... :( I will have to place my order with her before the holidays deplete the mother-load of goodies.

The Creme Brulee candle was brownish in color and smelled sweet, sweet and brown-ey warm. It brought back warm sugar memories... I closed my eyes, whiffed, and I was immediately catapulted to every handmade candy shop I've visited. The candle was perfect
with a brown sweet confection tease that when you want to smell gourmet candy ... This is the perfect mix of caramel, hint of chocolate and gooey praline goodness. The Creme Brulee was sweet and more heavy in scent throw, but not overwhelming at all. It kept my bedroom smelling nice for days, even after blowing it out 3 days before!

I haven't had the right moment to try the Jamaican Spice. That's for another day. I'll have to report on that later.

Now I want a candle in every room of the house because with Joy's candles, the scent lingers for days, which is something I NEVER get with other candles. Usually, you can light a candle and it smells good, but within 12 hours of blowing it out, the scent retreats and remains dormant until you remember to light it again.

I recommend everyone getting at least a few before the holidays. She makes them all herself and has been doing this for years! She has worked hard and it shows. Her candles are a de
light!! Thanks, Joy for sending the lovely candles. I'll be back.

This photo looks tempting. Pumpkin.... mmmm. Just in time for October.


Anne-Marie said...

Jamaican Spice is my fave of Joy's candles. I have been a long time (five years or more!) fan of Full Moon Candles. They are the best candles I have ever burned!

Anonymous said...

Full Moon is the ONLY place I can find the pinon-scented Santa Fe candles. I use these and the lavendar ones in healing work. They are very effective. Long-time fan!!!

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