Saturday, September 15, 2007

Now Available Online

As I spoke about my fear of being copied or taken advantage of, I had removed my ingredient list of each product from our website. I didn't like the idea of things being stolen. Recipes....but the reality is, no one can know my recipes, they can just guess and try to replicate. As Anne-Marie (from Soap & The Finer Things) states, "...imitation is the sincerest form of flattery." This I know, but thank you Anne-Marie for reminding me. In fact, I try to remind myself of that but sometimes my brain fails me. AND, I have to help my daughter understand this concept, too, when her little brother runs around doing what she does (even though sometimes he can be parrot-like).

So now, vegans can know if a formula is vegan, or natural or both, or not. Because of our Farm Sanctuary charity donations and involvement, we have had many vegans asking me what the ingredients are. Funny, how that came up after months of me not thinking about it, and then it becoming an issue for me just days before the emails.

Here is the link to the ingredient page. Each product has a link at the bottom of the description of each product, too. This will make it easy for everyone to know what they are really looking at.

I had some temporary insanity regarding removing the ingredients, but I am back and completely sane and together.

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